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Pandora Launches Audio Ad Marketplace As Voice And Brand Safety Demand Rises |

The addition of Pandora Audio Marketplace will allow advertisers access to the internet radio platform’s inventory and audience reach of roughly 73 million monthly listeners within an ad environment entirely managed by Pandora. Source: http://www.geomarketing.com/pandora-launches-audio-ad-marketplace-as-voice-and-brand-safety-demand-rises

Audibility measurement continues to thwart MRC

Cognizant of the increasing demand for audibility metrics, the MRC has proposed a future project to research and define it but, in the meantime, the industry self-regulatory watchdog has settled on a temporary measurement. Source: http://www.bizreport.com/2018/02/audibility-measurement-continues-to-thwart-mrc.html

Radio World: MRC Releases New Digital Ad Standards

The principles noted in these guidelines apply to digital audio ads and content regardless of whether they are delivered through a digital audio streaming environment or through a progressive download approach, including podcasts. The group consisted of digital audio ad buyers and sellers, digital audio content distributors, measurement services, and others. Some of the key points in the MRC’s Digital Audio Measurement Standards are:A description of the approaches that should be applied to the measurement and reporting of digital audio under a variety of different content and advertising distribution models. Source: http://www.radioworld.com/news-and-business/0002/mrc-releases-new-digital-ad-standards/341061