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Is It Time for Us to Be Transparent About the Marketing in Content Marketing?

These two trends-a call for transparency coupled with overestimating marketing literacy-together bring up an important question: Is it time for content marketers to be up-front about the fact that our content is marketing? Source: https://www.skyword.com/contentstandard/marketing/is-it-time-for-us-to-be-transparent-about-the-marketing-in-content-marketing/

Audience Validation in the Digital Age

Research Now SSI’s audience validation solution combines high quality global opted-in data – one of the world’s largest collections of first-party data – with a best-in-class audience validation platform which allows marketers, advertisers and publishers to measure, validate and optimise measurement and decision-making across the online advertising value chain. Source: http://www.thedrum.com/industryinsights/2018/09/10/audience-validation-the-digital-age

Passive ad measurement ‘essential’

On Device Research concluded that digital ads have a passive impact across all brand metrics regardless of ad recall. Source: https://www.warc.com/newsandopinion/news/passive_ad_measurement_essential/40984

These are the 5 forces that are rapidly killing advertising agencies

This has weakened the role of agencies as well as the agency-of-record relationship, as brands begin to rely on other partners for services typically provided by agencies in the past in a bid toward greater efficiency. Source: https://www.businessinsider.com/these-are-the-5-forces-that-are-rapidly-killing-advertising-agencies-2018-8