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How Marketers Can Recognize the Signs of Ad Fatigue

So how can marketers recognize ad fatigue? The major digital ad platforms are taking different measurement approaches to help marketers recognize fatigue earlier in a campaign. Source: https://www.cmswire.com/digital-marketing/how-marketers-can-recognize-the-signs-of-ad-fatigue/

Facebook tunes up ads with enhanced tracking, more transparent placement

Facebook continues to roll out new advertising features to create more transparency on the platform, as the company tries to ease marketers’ concerns about the platform’s commitment to privacy and brand safety. Source: https://www.marketingdive.com/news/facebook-tunes-up-ads-with-enhanced-tracking-more-transparent-placement/532007/

Are Local TV Advertisers Ready For Location-Based Ad Targeting? |

As the technology, data and business processes around mobile advertising using location targeting have expanded over the last several years, location targeting provides a performance-based buying model for marketers that ties offline and online media together in an integrated campaign execution, BIA says. Source: https://geomarketing.com/are-local-tv-advertisers-ready-for-location-based-ad-targeting