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Creative measurement is stuck in the 90s: Why advertisers must evolve their metrics

To bring creative analytics into the twenty-first century, advertisers must stop relying on methods from the 1990s and update their measurement approach, replacing outdated metrics and models with smarter, data-driven analysis of creative performance. Source: https://www.fourthsource.com/search-marketing/creative-measurement-is-stuck-in-the-90s-why-advertisers-must-evolve-their-metrics-23310

Is CRM The Future Of Agencies?

CRM agencies may be the model future agency but they’ve been around for some time. Source: https://adexchanger.com/data-driven-thinking/is-crm-the-future-of-agencies/

Back to the Future: Why Ad Tech Must Learn from the Creative Past

In today’s digital world, where ad success is measured by precious eyeball seconds, many in the industry seem to have lost their way in their race to ad tech platforms. The issues of ad blocking, fraud, and actual viewability are all issues engineered and exacerbated by a few ad tech bad actors – to the detriment of the entire digital advertising industry. We can all agree that the ad tech sector hasn’t always put the consumer experience first, promoting ‘pop-up culture’ over high-impact advertising. Source: https://www.exchangewire.com/blog/2017/12/19/back-future-ad-tech-must-learn-creative-past/