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Popular kids apps are full of ‘manipulative’ ads, study finds

Ever noticed your kids clicking on ads when they’re playing mobile games? Turns out many kids’ apps are full of ads, according to a new study, and some children might not be able to tell the ads apart from the games. Source: https://www.cnet.com/news/popular-kids-apps-are-full-of-manipulative-ads-study-finds/

7 Tips for Camping with Kids

We readied ourselves as best we could for 6 hours in the car and 5 days at camp with 4 kids ages 7 to 3 weeks old. Depending on the ages of your kids, consider a separate tent for the older kids. Pack enough food to feed a small army … or a couple of kids, same thing! At home, I beg and bargain with my kids to get them to eat at every meal. Source: http://redtri.com/7-tips-for-camping-with-kids/

How to Maximize Family Time

Even as family time with all six of my own kids has varied over the years, they will all tell you I have always prioritized love of family and our time together. Whatever you do, tuck in your kids and then reward yourself with some adult time with your spouse. Hey, nobody ever promised family time was going to be a dream! Just like the rest of life, family time can’t always be a party. Source: http://redtri.com/5-simple-ways-to-maximize-family-time-during-the-weekdays/