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Are Local TV Advertisers Ready For Location-Based Ad Targeting? |

As the technology, data and business processes around mobile advertising using location targeting have expanded over the last several years, location targeting provides a performance-based buying model for marketers that ties offline and online media together in an integrated campaign execution, BIA says. Source: https://geomarketing.com/are-local-tv-advertisers-ready-for-location-based-ad-targeting

Location data: How we got here

The accuracy of location data will also continue to improve, and whilst the GDPR may have a short-term impact on the amount location data available, in the long term it could improve accuracy if consumers choose to opt-in for their data to be used for personalised advertising purposes. Source: http://mobilemarketingmagazine.com/location-data-iab-uk-mobile-steering-group-blis-factual-google-mediacom-oath-verve-weve

The truth about location data

There is one point however that I think needs some clarification, and that is the idea that telco location data is somehow more accurate that app location data; this is simply false. Source: http://mobilemarketingmagazine.com/the-truth-about-location-data