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TV Stations’ Consortium Launches Programmatic TV Ad Effort

Backed by a consortium of major TV station groups, PremiumMedia360’s automated TV advertising platform is now available to 320 TV stations. Source: https://www.mediapost.com/publications/article/325656/tv-stations-consortium-launches-programmatic-tv-a.html

Videa Releases New Research Signaling the TV Advertising Industry is Ready for Change

NEW YORK-(BUSINESS WIRE)-Jun 19, 2018-Videa, an online marketplace for automated television advertising, today released new research from their Change Management survey, providing a number of insightful perspectives from 174 participants, comprised of Media Agency and TV Station Members and Reps, on the state of the TV advertising industry. Source: http://www.scnow.com/news/business/wire/article_e9cbaede-8ac6-5bee-9b17-55b4c48a363d.html