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7 Deadly Sins of Ad Tech Companies in the Post-Programmatic Era

The advertisers who pay, for example, $100 for 1000 ad impressions don’t really know how this money is distributed, which part of the budget is received by the publisher and what is taken by the ad platform and other intermediaries. Source: http://www.econtentmag.com/Articles/Editorial/Industry-Insights/7-Deadly-Sins-of-Ad-Tech-Companies-in-The-Post-Programmatic-Era-126597.htm

IAB begins piloting efforts for blockchain tech

The IAB Tech Lab says it’s dedicated to understanding how the technology applies to advertisers and publishers’ needs, adding that it has some 150 member companies participating in its blockchain efforts. Source: http://adage.com/article/digital/iab-begins-piloting-efforts-blockchain-tech/314238/

IAB Tech Lab releases OpenDirect 2.0 and OpenData 1.0

The Interactive Advertising Bureau Tech Lab is out this week with two new specs: version 2.0 of its OpenDirect spec for automated guaranteed buying and selling of ads and the first OpenData spec for reporting campaign performance metrics. The OpenData 1.0 tech spec has standards for campaign analytics used by publishers, agencies and data management vendors. Both OpenDirect 2.0 and OpenData 1.0 are open for public comment through mid-March. Source: https://martechtoday.com/iab-tech-lab-releases-opendirect-2-0-opendata-1-0-209400