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How to Stop Your Smart TV From Tracking You

Consumer Reports has a rundown on how to disable tracking on LG, Vizio, Samsung, and Roku TVs. And if you have a Smart TV, don’t see any tracking options in the menu, but are still a little concerned that you missed something, you can always reset your television to its factory settings. Source: https://lifehacker.com/how-to-stop-your-smart-tv-from-tracking-you-1827401614

Apple just took a shot at Facebook’s web-tracking empire

Last year’s WWDC introduced Intelligent Tracking Prevention, which took particular aim at third-party tracking cookies while leaving login-based systems like Facebook and Google largely untouched. Source: https://www.theverge.com/2018/6/4/17427000/wwdc-apple-safari-antitracking-facebook-like-share