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5 Things 5G Should Make You Think About

While Verizon will deploy commercial fixed wireless 5G in test cities later this year, its 5G service will initially run on Verizon’s V5GTF standard, which deviates slightly from the 5G standard released by the 3GPP late last year. Source: www.shellypalmer.com

Upgrade to 5G Costs $200B a Year, May Not Be Worth It

In dense, urban areas, network engineers will have to install lots of small cells to handle demand for data, adding to the costs of 5G. Some companies, including Verizon, aim to make money by offering up 5G as an alternative to home broadband connections, competing with cable and landline phone providers. The company has told analysts and investors that the goal for the first phase of its 5G network is to build a coverage area of 30 million homes starting next year in Sacramento, California, and possibly four additional cities. T-Mobile US is adapting its network to 5G through a software update, and Sprint Corp. is planning to upgrade its antenna towers with advanced network gear. Source: http://adage.com/article/digital/upgrade-5g-costs-200b-a-year-worth/311679/