The Short List: Free, Fun & Engaging At-Home Activities for Kids

There is no shortage of options to keep your kids busy while they’re penned up in the house for weeks on end. I’ve combed the options and narrowed down the list to an engaging variety of free options (not just passive videos). Learn to Code Touch typing practice Educational Videos Educational Games Audio Books Geography Spanish Home Science

uld Do to Earn Rewards Faster

What Are Consumers Willing to Do to Earn Loyalty Rewards Faster?

Consumers are also willing to write online reviews, download apps, view brand content such as videos or articles, follow the brand’s social media accounts and refer a product or service to a friend to get their loyalty rewards faster. Although this has not changed from a year ago, at that time earning points tied with programs that offer $10 rewards when customers spend $100. With consumers searching for ways to earn rewards quicker, the #2 preferred loyalty program this year is being able to earn points for purchasing across many retailers. Read More:

All-purpose enzymes boost CRISPR’s powers

Because vaccine-derived polio outbreaks are becoming more probable over time, a new oral vaccine that doesn’t mutate easily is needed, the researchers say. The researchers found that the debris interacted with the atmosphere to form a dense dust cloud that raced over Earth at several kilometres per second. Read More: