Survey Finds Broad Support For Government Action On Climate

Two-thirds of Americans think the federal government should be doing more to reduce the impacts of climate change, according to a new Pew Research Center survey. Geography also shapes views on climate impacts, the survey suggests, with Americans who live near a coastline being more likely than those who live further away to say climate change is affecting their community. Read More:

commendations for Consumers

Which Recommendation Types Do Consumers Find Most Compelling?

Research has shown that the right product recommendations can be extremely powerful, so it’s instructive to see which types of recommendations consumers find the most impactful. The data-sharing required by many personalization methods potentially raises privacy concerns among respondents; when filling out profile forms a plurality of consumers only fill in what is required. Read More:

enetration and Daily Use, 2014-2020

4 in 10 US Adults Watch Video on A Connected TV Device Every Day

The data also shows that younger adults are more likely to spend time watching video via CTV. Some 55% of 18-34-year-olds and 48% of 35-54-year-olds report doing so on a daily basis, compared to fewer than 1 in 5 adults ages 55+. This gap can be explained, at least in part, by other data that shows that older adults are somewhat less likely to have access to a CTV device. A similar 56% of TV households have at least one stand-alone streaming device such as a Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast or Apple TV. The latter tend to be slightly more popular for daily viewing, though: one-quarter are watching video daily using a standalone streaming device, compared to 20% who watch daily on a smart TV. Fewer report watching video daily via a connected game system or a connected Blu-ray...

ed from Personalization

9 in 10 Marketers See Outcome Improvements From Personalization

Just 6 in 10 organizations feel that they have extensive personalization capabilities when it comes to digital experiences, despite the fact that 83% believe personalization differentiates them from their competitors. In the survey of more than 400 digital marketers, respondents reported a range of outcome improvements from personalization. Read More:

Democracy Perception Index

To capture the dissatisfaction with the state of democracy in the eyes of the public, this study measured the difference between how important people think democracy is and how democratic they think their country is. Similarly to the 2019 results, the 2020 study shows that all countries have such a gap, meaning there is no country surveyed where people think that the level of democracy they have is as high or higher than what they think is important. Read More:

What Parents Can Learn From Child Care Centers That Stayed Open During Lockdowns

Throughout the pandemic, many child care centers have stayed open for the children of front-line workers – everyone from doctors to grocery store clerks. In a separate, unscientific survey of child care centers, Brown University economist Emily Oster found that, as of Tuesday afternoon, among 916 centers serving more than 20,000 children, just over 1% of staff and 0.16% of children were confirmed infected with the coronavirus. Read More:

by B2B Marketers to Sales

What Support Do B2B Marketers Offer Sales?

Data from last year shows that B2B marketers believe that while content is beneficial for top-of-the-funnel activities such as creating awareness and generating leads, it can also help to generate sales. Sales is also benefiting from video, with 43% of marketers saying they frequently provide this type of content to their sales organization. Read More: