ch Leaders Do That Others Don't

What Are the Ingredients of a Successful Product Launch?

As part of learning about their audience, more than one-third of launch leaders say they use social listening data to guide their launch strategy and/or creative content, compared to only 15% of other marketers. Make a Splash Early On. Launch leaders invest the largest part of their working media budget on the launch date, after ramping up spending in the prelaunch period. Read More:

easure Customer Experience Success

Marketers Are Looking At Retention and Satisfaction Rates to Determine CX Success

Marketers in both B2B and B2C sectors view optimizing customer experience as one of the biggest opportunities for this year, but how are they measuring the success of their customer experience efforts? A recent Ascend2 survey of roughly 300 B2B and B2C marketers looks at just that. About two-thirds of respondents say that customer retention rate is one of their most effective metrics to measure customer experience improvements. Read More:

24-Hour Solar Energy: Molten Salt Makes It Possible, and Prices Are Falling Fast

Mehos bases his belief on prices that SolarReserve and other project developers are quoting for electricity from new plants, and the knowledge that a CSP tower with eight or 10 hours of molten salt storage is currently much cheaper than a solar PV farm with an equivalent amount of lithium-ion batteries. One uses Sener’s parabolic trough technology and a molten salt storage system; the other is a molten salt tower design, making it the second utility-scale test of the technology after Crescent Dunes. Read More:

‘Publishers with affiliate business models that plug into affiliate networks are starting to feel exposed’

PUBLISHERS’ AFFILIATE BUSINESSES ARE ALSO AT RISK FROM BROWSER CHANGES TO LIMIT TRACKING: Publishers with affiliate business models that plug into affiliate networks – which allow publishers to sell products from thousands of different retailers for a revenue cut – are starting to feel exposed, according to publisher sources. Typically, all publishers that generate affiliate revenue do so by putting affiliate links on their sites to the advertiser, or retailer. Read More: