Lab-Grown Edible Muscles: A Big Step Forward in Fake Food

It outlines a step towards more realistic lab-grown meats that could help the planet – by reducing the carbon footprint of the food industry – as well as human health. The issue with lab-grown fake meats? Animal meat consists mainly of complex skeletal muscle. Read More:

' Top Brand Challenges

Marketing Leaders Identify Their Top Brand Challenges

Gartner asked almost 400 marketing leaders at enterprise-level organizations to cite their top-3 brand challenges from a list 11. Some 35% of the survey’s respondents identified managing a global brand as one of their top brand marketing challenges. Read More:

‘Completely disproportionate and mad’: Why ePrivacy is a looming nightmare for publishers

Forget GDPR. Publishers could be in for an even rougher time with the looming ePrivacy Regulation, which will clamp down on how cookies are used for ad targeting, with potentially far-reaching impact for the way digital advertising has operated for over 20 years. Under the current ePrivacy law proposals publishers and any site owners would need informed consent in order to use any form of cookie. Read More:

‘The average impression in programmatic has been auctioned 15 times before an ad is ultimately served’

WHY SUPPLY-PATH OPTIMIZATION HASN’T LIVED UP TO ITS PROMISE: The practice of supply-path optimization came about as a way to remove anonymity in the digital advertising supply chain and exert more buyer control over how impressions are bought. Buyers would have to go to extreme lengths like shutting off or opening up entire exchanges to find out who they bought from. Read More: