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These Content Categories Had the Biggest Hikes in Pageviews Last Year

Ly shows that among domains in its customer base, total pageviews of the Health & Fitness category grew by 307% year-over-year in 2020, while pageviews related to Careers grew by 188%. In total, Health & Fitness pageviews in 2020 totaled 9.6 billion, making it the second most popular category. Ly platform, the search engine was responsible for 27.2 billion media pageviews in 2020 and 977 million non-media pageviews. Read More:

5G as a wireless power grid

In addition to the advantage of high transmitted power available at 5G, moving to mm-wave bands allows the realization of modular antennas arrays instead of single elements, thereby allowing a fine scaling of their antenna aperture, which can more than compensate for the high path loss at these frequencies through the addition of extremely-large gains2. 14.Hassanien, M. A., Hahnel, R. & Plettemeier, D. Wideband rotman lens beamforming technique for 5g wireless applications. Read More:

All Eyes On Diesel-Killing Hydrogen Fuel Cell Locomotive in California

In addition to the hydrogen fuel cell and storage systems, the hydrogen fuel cell locomotive will sport battery-type energy storage and advanced control systems. The US also generates a lot of waste, and that is the key to another non-fossil hydrogen resource that could be in play for the Sierra Northern hydrogen fuel cell locomotive project. Read More:

Google just made Wi-Fi way better than Bluetooth

Google has released a new app on Android devices that allows phones to connect with each other over far greater distances than Bluetooth while making it possible to send messages to each other, or transfer large amounts of data without an internet connection. While the test app is certainly very clear, will that remain the case when services like this are rolled into third-party apps? We’ll be watching how this technology evolves closely. Read More:

ple Podcast Audience Forecast

Forecast Says Spotify to Overtake Apple in Podcast Audience Size

Although Apple Podcast has been the dominant platform for listeners to access podcasts in the past, Spotify is expected to surpass Apple Podcast in the number of listeners this year. The number of podcast listeners on Spotify is estimated to grow from 19.9 million in 2020 to 28.2 million this year, just edging past the number of Apple Podcast listeners. Read More:

rusted Forms of Advertising

People Still Trust Traditional Media Ads the Most

Trust in social media advertising among US adults is one of the lowest of the 17 markets surveyed. More US adults find social media ads trustworthy compared to respondents from France, Germany Denmark, Sweden and the UK. One difficulty advertisers are facing is that even if adults trust ads on traditional media more, there are more ways to actively avoid advertising altogether, and many adults are doing just that. Read More:

Semi-Transparent Solar Cells Can Power Greenhouses Without Stunting Plant Growth

Greenhouses fitted with semi-transparent solar cells can generate electricity without affecting the growth and health of the plants inside, according to a new study, suggesting we could build energy-neutral greenhouses without harming crops. The solar panels in this case are semi-transparent organic solar cells rather than the more traditional silicon-based type used in vast solar energy farms. Read More:

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Linear TV Not Getting the Budget Hikes, but Still Considered Most Valuable Video Option

Although the majority of marketers say their spend on linear TV will remain the same, and despite findings from a 2020 survey by Viant Technology revealing that about 6 in 10 marketing decision-marketers believed that linear TV ad spend was less effective than it was 5 years ago, the largest percentage of those who use linear TV believe it is the most valuable tactic. Marketers decreased their use of video ads on video sites and social media and increased it on channels such as DSPs, TV network full episode players, video ad networks and vMVPDs. Read More: