Reach is the primary brand digital metric.

P&G PUTS FOCUS ON REACH: IT’S A MORE IMPORTANT MEASURE THAN SPEND: Speaking to Marketing Week at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, P&G’s brand boss Marc Pritchard said the focus for the company is on reaching more people, which it is looking to do by reducing frequency, particularly online. Driving up reach is key as P&G looks to increase the volume of search queries around its brands. Read More:

Ads are becoming content.

P&G IS PARTNERING WITH JOHN LEGEND AND ARIANNA HUFFINGTON: P&G is partnering with John Legend and Arianna Huffington Its partnership with singer John Legend, P&G will delve into themes like parenthood, modern masculinity, music and social justice to promote brands including Pampers and Gillette. Pritchard says P&G’s approach is different because it’s getting partners like Legend involved in the process from the start and focusing on issues that consumers care about. Read More:

Will ‘tv advertising’ as we know it go the way of newspapers as younger audiences mature? Or will the ‘small screen’ still be the preferred content interface for consumer households?

INSTAGRAM REPLACES TV AS A WAY TO ADVERTISE TO YOUNG PEOPLE: The medium, once considered all-important, has now been almost completely superseded by Instagram as the key way for advertisers to reach young people, according to new study by financial-service firm Cowen. Source: