Young Millennials Have A Positive View Of Targeted Ads. Others? Not So Much.

More than half of US adults believe that targeted advertisements are an inappropriate use of personal data rather than a convenient way to see products they’re interested in, according to more than 3,100 US adults surveyed by YouGov. Asked which choice best matched their perception, fewer than 3 in 10 of total respondents chose the option that targeted advertisements are a convenient way to see products they are interested in. These findings highlight the dilemma advertisers face, with consumers saying they prefer ads that are relevant to them – yet many are opposed to being targeted with ads based on their online activity. Read More:

Kill the Click! But replace with what?

MRC MAY DEPRECATE THE CLICK AS AN AD METRIC, PART OF SHIFT TO OUTCOME-BASED MEASUREMENT: While it’s unlikely the MRC would actually void it as an ad metric altogether, Ivie said clicks likely would simply become irrelevant as the industry shifts its focus on better metrics. Either way, Ivie said the MRC is overdue to update its click metric standards, and that it’s possible it will just let them grow dormant rather than giving them new meaning. Read More:

Solution: Pick your market, focus, listen, iterate

STRATEGIC CONTENT MARKETERS FIND PRIORITIZING AUDIENCE SEGMENTATION A CHALLENGE: When thinking about audiences within their markets, 7 in 10 strategic content marketers struggle to prioritize their efforts towards one audience over another, per the latest research [PDF] from the Content Management Institute, sponsored by Vennli. It’s true that marketers are taking the time to research the customer journey, yet half of the strategic content marketers surveyed said knowing the goal of the audience at a particular stage of the customer’s journey is a challenge. Read More: