About Keith Pieper

Keith is a quick study of new industries and willing to bend and flex when data speaks. He challenges the status-quo to create innovative solutions to complex problems. He creates order from chaos with seemingly random information. He has an insatiable appetite to understand how things work. He can cut through the noise and quickly get right at the heart of an issue. He has tenacious energy and leadership to succeed.

My Approach to Creating & Building

Customer Discovery

I interface with customers directly or create an early adopter focus group. I use this customer R&D to identify and interpret unmet needs, under met needs or unapparent needs. After this market research and customer segmentation I provide competitive and business analysis. From this complete view I define product requirements.

Planning & Design

I start the strategy and planning by understanding current business assets and resources available and how to best capitalize. I translate customer needs into a strategy to solve the problem, designing a unique, differentiated MVP solution through a combination of buy, build or bolt. I plan an overall product portfolio and roadmap, using ongoing product/market fit analysis to continuously refine.


As technical product owner, I translate customer needs and and defined solution into “what” needs to be built through user stories, wireframes and mockups. I lead software engineering task prioritization based on estimated effort/impact ROI analysis empowering the development team to independently determine “how” to build it. I manage the lean-agile team with real-time organization of projects and task backlog, grounded in business goals and product priorities.


Based on customer discovery, I define a marketing strategy including writing value propositions, features, benefits, positioning, pricing. I develop a tactical inbound/outbound marketing plan and execute a communications plan for awareness and demand generation. I develop and execute sales support material and training. Lastly, I act as product champion and evangelist for customer development, jump starting the sales flywheel.

If you need product expertise but can’t afford a full-time product manager, Keith is available on a part-time fractional contract basis to help your startup’s lean and agile product development effort at any or all phases of the cycle. As a strategic team lead and mentor or hands-on practitioner, Keith can bring immediate clarity and disciplined focus to rapidly iterate the build-test-learn development cycle for enterprise software delivery. Through an integral connection with the target customer in the process, Keith can develop and execute a go-to-market strategy that gets the flywheel moving!

A Few Things I’ve Done

Privacy Preferences Platform

Design data privacy, personalization and device preferences management platform for a consumer home network. Includes home network ad blocker and content payment subscription.

Cross Device Measurement

Designed a digital media measurement platform that ingests ISP traffic in real time for cross platform, device measurement for digital video advertisers.

Self-Service Social CPC Platform

Rebuilt a managed service social marketing product into a self-serve, semi-automated and human-curated social marketing SAAS product similar to Google AdSense CPC.

News Curation & Auto Distribution

Developed a semi-automated news distribution platform that automatically summarizes curated news stories, extracts keyword tags, extracts relevant images, gives weighted preference to commentary, and distributes comments and highlights to blog, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

Search Campaign Auto Generator

Developed an automated CPC search campaign creation tool using a small seed keyword and competitive URL list; auto expanding and grouping keywords and auto generating text ad copy.

Workflow Automation

Built a workflow automation system integrating several systems to monitor cost, forecast supply and demand, and productivity and performance metrics of a large, distributed workforce. Built an additional cross-department workflow automation systems that ingested client email requests, unified media, billing, reporting, adops and legal documentation management eliminating Excel and human error in the workflow.

Patented Intent & Keyword Algorithms

Inventor of four patents for an algorithm that uses referrer, backlink content and anchor keywords to understand user intent. Sold patents to YieldBot.

Jira Alternative

Developed product planning suite (similar to Jira + Aha) for managing product feature requests but with the addition of prioritizing and aligning to corporate goals, capacity planning and ROI measurement. Built a corporate goal management system for laddering up personal goals to department and corporate goals.

Domain Name Appraisal Platform

Developed a platform that automatically ingested public third party domain name sales from the internet, calculated and collected meta data for each name, the performed three different appraisal methods (comparables, regression, cash flow) before arriving at a valuation and report.

Some of My Skills


Analytics, modeling, algorithms, privacy

Statistical modeling, data wrangling and algorithmic design including unified identification, customer profiling, blockchain, look alike modeling and machine learning. Data regulation and privacy compliance systems for anonymous and PII data in the US and EU

Process Automation

Systems & workflow integration

Custom process, workflow or systems analysis and integration. Automate manual processes like production, approvals, applications, marketing, reporting, goals and hiring. Custom integration of your various tools into the new system of automation.

Video, Devices & Networks

Digital, Analog, Home & IOT

Experience with digital and analog streaming video platforms including web, mobile, over-the-top and set top box for insertion, inventory yield, delivery and measurement across IP addressable internet infrastructure, wireless systems, content delivery networks, home IP addressable networks running “internet of things” and smart home devices.


Programmatic, RTB

First-hand experience and knowledge of adtech and martech systems and processes including RTB, programmatic, data management platforms, supply side and demand side platforms, search and social from the buy and sell side.

Intellectual Property

Patent Technical Support

Idea and patent prior art research and due diligence. Provisional and formal patent application drafting or explainer materials, diagrams and descriptions to bridge technology and legal. Development of patent infringement claim charts and patent prosecution support.