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‘Publisher Double Whammy: Death of Cookies Mobile First Googlebot’

GOOGLE WARNS PUBLISHERS TO “EXPECT SOME TRAFFIC LOSS” IF THESE MOBILE-FIRST GUIDELINES ARE NOT MET: As it switches more existing sites to mobile-first indexing, publishers may lose traffic if the mobile versions of their sites are not compliant with Google’s mobile-first indexing best practices. More than half of the web traffic worldwide comes through mobile devices, so mobile focus can no longer be an afterthought for publishers. Read More:

s Are Willing to Spend

How Much Are Consumers Willing to Spend on SVOD Services?

As services like Netflix and Amazon Prime continue to see their subscription numbers grow, is there a limit to how much people are willing to pay for such services? Here’s what a recent survey from The Trade Desk and YouGov discovered. Respondents clearly don’t want to spend as much as they might be forking out on pay-TV services; three-quarters overall capped out their maximum willing spend at $30, including about two-thirds of those willing to spend on streaming services. Read More:

Private Marketplace Ad Spending to Surpass Open Exchange in 2020

Noad. Many of the factors limiting open market investment are driving dollars into PMPs, which buyers and sellers deem safer and more compatible with their long-term strategies. While PMPs will comprise a growing portion of total RTB ad dollars, RTB’s overall share of programmatic display ad spending will decline during the next 24 months. Read More:

Marketers' Campaign Priorities

What Are Marketing Campaign Priorities This Year And How Do They Drive Paid Media Spending?

Examining paid media effectiveness, Nielsen’s survey found that search was perceived to be the most effective paid digital channel. Budgets may be following perceptions rather than reality: even though marketers are not very confident that they know how to measure ROI for many digital channels, most still expect to see their budget increase for the media they believe to be effective. Read More:

ks of Consumer Trust in Brands

The Building Blocks of Consumer Trust in Brands

About three-quarters say they trust individual brands to deliver consistently on what they promise, and more than half say that a brand has to do something wrong before they lose trust in them. With trust emerging as a key lever in brand loyalty, a new report from Morning Consult looks at the factors consumers consider when deciding to trust a brand. Read More: