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‘Unique content, lists get the most backlinks’

WHICH TYPES OF CONTENT GAIN THE MOST BACKLINKS?: We focused on nine popular types of content and found the total number of backlinks different posts received. It’s harder to attract backlinks to news posts because the content isn’t evergreen-the topic won’t be relevant a year from now. Read More:

‘Trump campaign donations going to chrony legal defense’

TRUMP CAMPAIGN SPENDING UNPRECEDENTED SUMS ON LEGAL FEES AS LAWSUITS PILE UP: The Trump campaign has spent more than $16 million on legal and compliance services between the 2018 and 2020 election cycles, according to OpenSecrets’ analysis of campaign expenditures. Over the course of Trump’s presidency, his campaign has helped pay legal fees for associates caught up in high-profile lawsuits and investigations. Read More:

IAB Europe’s post-third party cookie guide: What publishers need to know

IAB Europe, the European industry association for digital advertising, has just released its ‘Guide to the Post-Third-Party Cookie Era’, to prepare brands, agencies and publishers for the post-third-party cookie advertising ecosystem in 2022. Although this figure has been challenged – research by University of Minnesota, University of California, Irvine, and Carnegie Mellon University suggests publishers only get about 4% more revenue for an ad impression that has a cookie enabled than for one that doesn’t – the end of third-party cookies nevertheless demands that publishers transition their ad revenue models. Read More:

er Privacy Act (CCPA) Benchmarks

Deletion Requests Most Popular CCPA Demand from Consumers in Q1 2020

In Q1, of the data subject requests DataGrail helped to process on behalf of select B2C customers, deletion requests were the most popular, with 39.6% of total requests coming from consumers wishing to have their data deleted. After the initial influx of requests in January, which was likely due to the law taking effect and privacy policies being updated, the number of requests per million did fall for deletion requests and access requests for the final 2 months of the quarter. Read More:

Feature for B2C Subscription Services

Half of At-Risk B2C Service Subscribers Would Choose to Pause Their Plan Instead of Canceling

With an estimated 27.4 million US consumers at risk of canceling at least one subscription in the next 6 months, subscription services are looking for effective ways to retain subscribers – and according to new research from Recurly, a pause feature could be one productive approach. Digital media subscribers follow, while half of at-risk subscribers would pause a streaming subscription and 45.8% would pause a consumer retail product subscription. Read More:

Usage at High-Growth Companies*

Which Tools Are Most Prevalent in High-Growth Companies’ Sales Tech Stacks?

Sales planning tech is used by one-fifth of respondents, with incentive management being used by the fewest respondents; the former is still in the early stages of growth while the latter is only a priority in larger, more complex sales organizations. About the Data: Figures are based on sales respondents from a survey of 297 marketing, sales and sales development leaders at 273 high-growth companies. Read More:

10 Ways Startups Can Pivot From Growth to Operational Efficiency During a Crisis

Operational efficiency measures the efficiency of profit earned as a function of operating costs; the greater the operational efficiency, the more profitable a company is, generating greater income or returns for the same, or lower costs. Operational efficiency does not just need to be focused on reducing headcount – there are many practical areas to address declining revenues and profits and positives to derive as well.1. Read More: