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Digiday Research: Marketers are increasingly advertising on retail sites

Our latest Digiday+ Research report, done with our sister site, Modern Retail, surveyed brands, retailers and agencies to look at the state of retail media. Digiday and Modern Retail surveyed retailers, brands and agencies to figure out how they were using various channels, how they used retail advertising, and their thoughts on Amazon. Read More:

US Advertisers Will Allocate Nearly $7 Billion to Connected TV This Year

We define connected TV advertising as digital ads that appear on connected TV devices, which include smart TVs and TVs hooked up to the internet via a set-top box, game console or similar device. Advertiser interest in connected TV is high as the number of cord-cutters and cord-nevers climbs each year and fewer people watch traditional linear TV. Connected TV also offers the promise of better audience targeting and measurement-though for now, it also comes with the familiar digital problems of fragmented infrastructure and high potential for fraud. Read More:

Why publishers are creating vertical subscription products

While not a true subscription vertical product, this example helps highlight how publishers are experimenting with incrementally converting subscribers with new products. We’ve seen more publishers launch sports vertical subscription products due to the emergence of sports-news subscription sites such as The Athletic. Read More:

WTF is demand-path optimization?

With media buyers becoming pickier about how and where they buy their programmatic ads, publishers are seeing more of an opportunity to prove they are worth more than just the inventory they sell using demand-side optimization tactics. The insight stems from the data sellers are able to access from ad tech vendors making bids such as the win rate of a buyer, payment terms, the response times of bids and the quality of the ad. Even the credit rating of a buyer can be checked as some sellers may want to consider the risk of not getting paid when calculating what bids to accept. Read More: