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mParticle’s data unification sounds great, but seems contrary to regulation, 1st party data trends.

MPARTICLE’S NEW API COULD HELP MARKETERS WITH “ANONYMOUS USER” DATA: Customer data platform mParticle has released details around new APIs, platform features and identity aliasing that aims to deliver improved data accuracy and control. Tying in the new data set could help marketers develop a more complete customer profile, inching them closer towards the 360 view. Read More:

INTERNET ADVERTISING TO GROW AT SLOWEST RATE SINCE 2001 DOTCOM BUST: Next year the global internet advertising market, which is dominated by Google and Facebook, will surrender its position as the fastest-growing ad medium for the first time since the early days of the dotcom boom and bust at the turn of the century. While the growth rate of internet advertising was always eventually going to slow with scale – in 2020 it will account for half of the $650bn spent on advertising globally – there are signs of a wider shift in the market. Read More:

B2B TECH MARKETERS GET RESULTS WITH IN-PERSON EVENTS: While previous research has found that the majority of event marketers are using event data to inform their event strategy and measure the success of their events, just less than half say they are using event data to calculate ROI. That being said, Bizzabo found that being able to prove ROI is a deciding factor when it comes to gaining support for events from B2B tech organization leadership, as these leaders are ten times less likely to support events when ROI cannot be demonstrated. Those B2B tech organizations which are overperforming in their business goals were found to be 34% more likely than organizations performing at par to be able to measure event ROI. Perhaps it’s no coincidence that two-thirds of these overperforming B2B tech organizations are also producing more than 10...

Too early for sellers.json? Ads.txt implementation still pretty messy, fraught with error.

HOW SELLERS.JSON AND OPENRTB SUPPLY CHAIN OBJECT REINFORCES DSPS/BUY SIDE CONFIDENCE IN PROGRAMMATIC ADVERTISING: Json and OpenRTB Supply Chain Object, buyers can further increase their confidence in programmatic vendors as now buy side gets concise and accurate information on every seller participating in the programmatic transaction. Json and OpenRTB Supply Chain Object and flag if any of the sellers are not listed in these files. Read More: