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Google tool will stop those annoying ads following you around the internet

Google is rolling out a new tool that will stop so-called reminder ads from following you around the internet, typically used to try to get users to come back after virtual window shopping. Users can then choose to mute individual reminder ads and view those that they’ve already muted with their Google Ads settings. Muting lasts for 90 days, but Google is quick to point out that it only affects sites and services using its ads platform and that other ad services also provide similar reminder ads, meaning this will not be a magic bullet for all irritating ads. Source:

Academic researchers fire latest shots in adblocking arms race

Adblocking has set off a software-based arms race, with publishers finding software solutions that keep ads appearing or entreat people using adblocking software to white-list them. In many cases, adblocking software was detected, but there was no visible response; the software simply logged the presence of the adblocker, often through Google analytics. The second is just random variability; each page was loaded six times, three of them with and without adblocking. Source: