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Adtech has been built on a landfill. Time to start over.

P&G’S PRITCHARD CALLS FOR DIGITAL MEDIA’S REINVENTION AS ‘DARK SIDE’ WORSENS: While Google and Facebook, the two largest digital advertising platforms in the world and frequent culprits in causing digital media transparency woes, have tried to solve some of the challenges Pritchard has outlined over the past several years, controversies continue to dog both companies and degrade consumer trust. Read More:

How 9 Big Media Agencies Are Innovating

How 9 big media agencies are innovating – Business Insider With media agencies facing tremendous pressure on numerous fronts, traditional ways of media planning and buying just don’t cut it anymore. Read More:

TV ad spend growth goes negative

GLOBAL AD SPEND EXPECTED TO RISE BY 4.3% THIS YEAR: Despite the rise of Netflix, cinema advertising is expected to see healthy growth of 7.7%. According to Kantar Millward Brown, ads in theaters experience some of the highest levels of receptivity among consumers – both globally and in the US. However, its share of spend is dwarfed by other ad formats and box office takings, making it at most a supplementary channel for the largest advertisers. Read More:

How-to go in-house.

TAKING YOUR DIGITAL ADVERTISING IN-HOUSE? START WITH THE RIGHT PEOPLE AND TECH: To run ad campaigns at scale, the transition from outsourced to in-house digital advertising needs to start with a focus on having the right people and tech in place. Read More: