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Ad Fraud and Responding to Media Quality Challenges

Media Quality Issues Persist: Here’s What Publishers and Agencies Are Doing About It

Recognizing the threat that ad fraud and media quality issues pose, agencies and publishers are putting tactics in place to minimize the media quality challenges they’ll face this year. While media quality and ad fraud are challenges for digital media professionals this year, another one of the top challenges that 44% of respondents expect to face is data privacy legislation. Read More:

Marketers' Campaign Priorities

What Are Marketing Campaign Priorities This Year And How Do They Drive Paid Media Spending?

Examining paid media effectiveness, Nielsen’s survey found that search was perceived to be the most effective paid digital channel. Budgets may be following perceptions rather than reality: even though marketers are not very confident that they know how to measure ROI for many digital channels, most still expect to see their budget increase for the media they believe to be effective. Read More:

vertising Channels

Social Media to Surpass Print in Global Advertising Spend This Year

The forecast calls for sustained growth in social media ad spending, albeit at a slower rate, reaching 16% of the total global ad spend by 2021. Total global internet ad spend is forecast to grow by 11% this year and by an average of 10% per year through 2021, when it is predicted to account for more than half of global ad spend. Read More: