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TV is no longer an effective “stand alone” media buy.

TV-FOCUSED BRAND BUDGETS ARE MORE EFFICIENT WHEN COMBINED WITH YOUTUBE AND FACEBOOK: Combining TV with Facebook/Instagram video and YouTube generates a higher lift than any of these channels alone, while still being cost-effective: Facebook found that on average, spend on TV is 16.6x greater than on Facebook even though the TV components of campaigns reach only 3.6x as many people as Facebook. By adding Facebook ads to traditional TV campaigns, they were able to access an average 17% incremental reach to TV advertising, i.e. an average of 2.5 million additional people not reached by TV ads alone. Read More:

Citing conflicts, WPP won’t participate in Accenture-led ad pitches

The agency group is refusing to share its media data with Accenture for a media audit, saying Accenture could use that intel to undercut WPP’s prices on pitches for lucrative ad budgets, according to advertising sources. If Accenture is privy to the prices WPP buys its media, the advertising side of the consulting firm could potentially use that information to offer advertisers cheaper, more effective media rates during pitches. Read More:

Half of Global Media Ad Spend Forecast to Be Online Next Year

Global internet advertising spend is projected to account for about half of total media advertising dollars next year – and it’s well on its way to fulfilling this projection, according to new research from WARC. The research firm analyzed media advertising spend in 96 global markets, revealing that internet advertising spend is expected to reach $298.1 billion this year and account for 47.7% of total media advertising spend. North America is ahead of the pack in its shift to digital ad spend: this year online ads will account for the majority of total advertising budgets in the region, per WARC. This includes a forecast 15.2% rise in spend in the US. The US is one of 8 markets where internet advertising has already reached a majority of media spend, per the report. Read More:

Time Spent with Media 2019

In 2019, time spent with media by US adults will average 12 hours, 9 minutes per day, a 1-minute increase from our estimate last year. In our new report collection on time spent in the US and eight other markets across the globe, we find that there are large disparities in total average time spent. Read More: