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How Frequently Do US Consumers Use Voice Assistants?

A large proportion of US consumers still do not use voice assistants, per a survey from SUMO Heavy – but one-third do so at least monthly. SUMO Heavy’s survey of more than 1,000 US adults reveals that 16% of respondents are using voice assistants like Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant daily. Read More:

I always thought the IAB GDPR approach was a head scratcher.

UK REGULATOR SAYS REAL-TIME BIDDING VIOLATES GDPR: A recent report from the UK Information Commissioner’s Office addresses the question of whether real-time bidding is compatible with Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation. There’s a general lack of understanding and proper use of data protection impact assessments – a sort of environmental impact report about data required under GDPR when there is large scale processing of certain data types. Read More:

CMOs must dig deeper on attribution

Currently, only one in four marketers is confident they can quantify ROI, which certainly helps explain why 70% of CMOs expect to invest more in marketing analytics and attribution over the next year according to Nielsen. CMOs in search of a more sophisticated strategy might choose to design their own custom attribution model, ideally incorporating the machine learning element discussed above. Read More:

Why are the walled gardens not held to the same measurement standard to justify increased spend?

DIGITAL BRAND-ADVERTISING MEASUREMENT NEEDS TO MATURE TO JUSTIFY INCREASING SPEND: Despite non-stop advancements in digital adtech stacks, the evolution of brand measurement hasn’t kept up; brand studies look the same as a decade ago. I’ve never spoken to a brand marketer who says better brand measurement would not pry more brand spend from their wallet, so these fixes could lead to billions more poured into the digital ecosystem. Read More:

Looks like Comscore & Nielsen aren’t up to the task.

AGENCIES’ TOP RESEARCH PRIORITY: UNDUPLICATED CROSS-PLATFORM REACH: The 4As is out with a new study on industry measurement issues which finds that solving for unduplicated reach in a multiplatform environment is the top priority among members. 93% said the industry must establish a method for determining unduplicated reach across channels. Read More: