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Are App Marketers Spending Enough on User Retention?

Historically, marketers have found it a challenge to keep app users engaged with an app and avoid churn even as early as one month after an app has been downloaded. Liftoff’s data shows that although users drop off quickly, the largest number of mobile app marketers do not begin re-engaging new app users until after Day 30, although some begin re-engaging on Day 7. Read More:

The Freemium Formula to success

THE THREE RULES OF FREEMIUM: One caveat I’d add is that you can’t take it for granted that your free users will have the same viral coefficient as your paid users. 1) Does your paid plan have a gross margin of 80-90%?If you have a lower gross margin – for example, because your product is not fully self-service, requires extensive customer support or is extremely costly in terms of tech infrastructure – freemium will probably not work for you.2) Does your free plan attract the right audience?If your free users are too different from your paying users, your free-to-paying conversion will be low – and you’ll risk developing your product for the wrong audience. Read More: