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Battery prices are falling, which is good news for EVs

Prices for battery packs – used for electric vehicles and energy storage systems – are down 87% over the last decade, according to a new report from BloombergNEF, and still falling. A large battery for an electric vehicle is around 100kWh. Read More:

In Quest for Profitability, Pay TV Continues to Lose Users

In 2018, there were 170.7 million subscription OTT viewers, which grew 6.9% to 182.5 million this year. Last year, there were 36 million non-pay TV households in the US, which will increase to 40.2 million this year, reaching 44.3 million in 2020. Read More:

CMPs Bring Up CPMs: Mediavine Study Finds 52% Increase

Mediavine compared CPMs and fill rates in March and April, before GDPR went into effect, with CPMs and fill rates during June and July, after GDPR was implemented. Source: