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How Much Of Programmatic Gets Spent On Video?

We include the majority of social video in our definition of programmatic video because platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat allow advertisers to transact via programmatic direct ad manager tools. We expect the combined programmatic video ad revenues of social networks today to account for roughly a third of total programmatic video ad spending. Read More:

More People Are Watching Online Video … In The Bathroom

The same number of respondents were as likely to watch OTT video in the bathroom while on vacation, but more likely than they were to watch at their desk at work. The growing amount of time that people spend on their phones and tablets makes it easier to stream video or play video games in the bathroom. Read More:

Addressable Advertising: A Primer

Most VOD addressable inventory is already sold on an addressable basis, either via walled gardens like Roku and Amazon or via DSPs and SSPs like The Trade Desk, dataxu, SpotX and Telaria. There’s no single agreed upon method for measuring linear addressable and VOD addressable. Read More:

‘we Built So Much On Such Crap’: Ad Buyers Sound Off On The Future Of Tv Advertising

The future of TV and digital video advertising is fuzzy, but the market’s present picture isn’t all that clear either. During closed-door sessions this week at Digiday’s Future of TV Summit in Palm Springs, California, ad buyers vented about some of the biggest frustrations they face, such as convincing clients to look beyond linear TV to OTT, organizing TV and digital buying teams and assessing what is true addressable TV advertising. Read More: