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Too early for sellers.json? Ads.txt implementation still pretty messy, fraught with error.

HOW SELLERS.JSON AND OPENRTB SUPPLY CHAIN OBJECT REINFORCES DSPS/BUY SIDE CONFIDENCE IN PROGRAMMATIC ADVERTISING: Json and OpenRTB Supply Chain Object, buyers can further increase their confidence in programmatic vendors as now buy side gets concise and accurate information on every seller participating in the programmatic transaction. Json and OpenRTB Supply Chain Object and flag if any of the sellers are not listed in these files. Read More:

Massive Malvertising Campaign Reaches 100M Ads, Manipulates Supply Chain

Since January, there have been two peaks of 28 million and 14.5 million compromised ads respectively, with more than 100 million malicious ads served this year as of mid-June. Fiber ads can make money as a middle man earning a brokerage fee for procuring traffic for these clients, while also reaping the benefits of successful scams and malware infections that stem from redirecting those clients’ ads to malicious sites. Read More:

YouTube’s Trampled Foes Plot Antitrust Revenge

YouTube then used that supply to control ad prices and amass data about viewers, squeezing out anyone that tried to compete, according to interviews with more than a dozen partners, rivals and former employees. Many asked not to be identified discussing sensitive information about a powerful industry player. YouTube didn’t wipe out competition in one fell swoop, or act maliciously, according to these people. That left a graveyard of failed companies in its wake and fewer choices for advertisers, the people said. In digital video advertising, YouTube has no peers. Read More: