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33Across CEO On Bringing The Company Back From The Brink

Wheeler, who founded the company in 2008, says seismic shifts in the online advertising industry wiped away major parts of its ad network business. In seven years, the result is the company has reached $100 million in revenues and its workforce has climbed back up into triple digits. Read More:

Would Advertising Work for Netflix?

Roughly a quarter of U.S. subscribers said they would cancel Netflix if the company introduced ads without lowering prices, according to a recent survey from Hub Entertainment Research. Netflix would have to be willing to generate less revenue from ad-supported subscribers than from its paid subscribers – at least in the short term. Read More:

Google Accused of Ripping Off Digital Ad Technology in U.S. Lawsuit

Impact Engine Inc filed the complaint in federal court in San Diego, California, alleging various Google online advertising platforms, including Google Ads and Google AdSense, infringed on six patents. Impact Engine alleged that, after a series of meetings between the companies, Google copied its intellectual property instead of creating a business partnership. Read More:

F.T.C. Approves Facebook Fine of About $5 Billion

President Trump has dialed back regulations in many industries, but the Facebook settlement sets a new bar for privacy enforcement by American officials, who have brought few cases against large Silicon Valley companies. On Thursday, President Trump took shots at Facebook and other social media companies, accusing them of being biased against conservatives. Read More:

Regulators Eye the Auctions That Decide Which Web Ads You See

Users’ behavioral data isn’t being shared with a single company but is rather made available to as many as 2,000 companies to facilitate bidding. A group representing EU privacy regulators said it is difficult to justify relying on the legitimate interest basis for companies that track users across multiple sites and apps for advertising purposes. Read More: