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Reaching Target Audiences

Which Channels Do Marketers Find Best for Reaching Top Target Audiences?

In the survey of more than 580 professionals, fielded May through June 2020, events appeared atop the list with 82% of respondents labeling this channel as effective or very effective at reaching target audiences. While each of the target audiences in question is reportedly best reached by frequent messages on a regular basis, respondents were particularly confident that this is the case for the end-user. Read More:

re Subject Matter Expert Reviews

Here’s How Consumers Are Using Reviews to Find Trustworthy Product Information

According to recent research from Bazaarvoice, consumers seeking reliable information about a product trust consumer reviews most – but this is not to say that online shoppers don’t value subject matter expert reviews for some product types. Consumers place a lot of trust in SME reviews for some product types, in some cases preferring them to consumer reviews. Read More:

ing Is Acceptable to Consumers

How Consumers Feel About Remarketing

The downward trend is similar for how long consumers feel it is acceptable to be remarketed to. While close to 1 in 3 are fine seeing remarketing on retailer sites where they are likely browsing for products, just 12% found YouTube remarketing acceptable and slightly under 1 in 10 accept attempts via Instagram. Read More:

Will Free Trials Encourage More Digital Purchases?

While D2C free trials may not have the same benefits as in-store shopping, they do allow consumers to test products for free, illustrating the trust brands have in the quality of their offerings. D2C free trials help bridge the disconnect between shopping online and shopping in-store by allowing consumers to physically interact with the product, potentially turning them into customers. Read More: