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Why You Need to Know the Difference Between AI and Automation

Organizations can launch multiple AI and automation projects at once, thanks to the cloud’s ability to manage large datasets. While current workforces will need education and new core skills to effectively interact with AI and automation, organizations may also find some gaps, including data scientists and C-suite roles like a chief automation officer. Read More:

Four reasons to use process mining

Process mining applies the concepts of data mining to business process. The technology is largely used for process discovery; compliance auditing; and process enhancement. Read More:

Things People Do to Speed Up Innovation that Slow It Down

Over and over again, I see the things company leaders do to accelerate innovation often slow it down instead. They encourage teams to be decisive, only to find that many of those decisions have to be revisited later, when it’s expensive to change the decisions. The Innovation Specialist approach is fun for the people on the innovation teams because they are freed from much accountability or need to learn about their new company and encouraged to do things that are dramatically different than the corporate norms. Read More:

The Two Most Important Applications of the 80-20 Rule

We all know what it’s like spending time on tasks that yield very little or things we aren’t very good at. We must figure out where to invest our most valuable asset, time, into things that have the best ROI. Personally, I discovered at an early age that I had a talent for education. Read More:

Long overdue.

SHAREHOLDER VALUE IS NO LONGER EVERYTHING, TOP C.E.O.S SAY: Chief executives from the Business Roundtable, including the leaders of Apple and JPMorgan, argued that companies must invest in employees and deliver value to customers. Now, companies must also invest in employees, deliver value to customers and deal fairly and ethically with suppliers. Read More: