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Why Documentation is Unpopular

The lifecycle of tribal knowledge writing things down1. As the group grows and breaks off to do other things, someone may become the go-to person for questions. Read More:

Design Libs

How might we solve the problem from key insight/user story. User stories should be written so that anyone could understand the needs of the user without a technical understanding of the topic. Read More:

10 Ways Startups Can Pivot From Growth to Operational Efficiency During a Crisis

Operational efficiency measures the efficiency of profit earned as a function of operating costs; the greater the operational efficiency, the more profitable a company is, generating greater income or returns for the same, or lower costs. Operational efficiency does not just need to be focused on reducing headcount – there are many practical areas to address declining revenues and profits and positives to derive as well.1. Read More:

‘Great tip for keeping focused during the work day’

USE OUT OF OFFICE MESSAGES EVEN WHEN YOU’RE NOT ON VACATION: When you do that; however, the people sending you the email don’t know that they’ve missed your 1pm email check and that you won’t likely respond until you do that final inbox run-through of the day at 4:30.Fast Company suggests using an out of office message to let them know. Fast Company suggests putting a note in your email signature that lets people know your typical response time for email, and when you traditionally are in the office. Read More:

‘Some amazing nuggets about managing vs leadership’

INFOGRAPHIC: THE HABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE LEADERS: Today’s infographic from McKinsey Global Institute presents a snapshot of 10 insights into how the world is changing, based on its research work from 2019. How should we address the global and local imperatives and implications of how we compete, contribute and operate?. Read More:

How to Prioritize When Everything Is Important

Sure, it’s great to make a to-do list, but how do you prioritize the tasks-especially when everything seems like a priority? Instead of getting overwhelmed, you need to learn how to prioritize your priorities. Start with the due dates, take into account how much effort you need to put into each one and how much input you need from others, and work backwards to find out what you should be working on right now. Read More:

3 subtle signs your business has inefficient processes

The first step to improving inefficiencies within your business is not to start with one single process. We use a handful of different methodologies and frameworks to understand what is triggering a business process, how it works, who is involved, and so on-then select and implement the right software for their needs. Read More:

4-Day Workweek Boosted Workers’ Productivity By 40%, Microsoft Japan Says

Workers at Microsoft Japan enjoyed an enviable perk this summer: working four days a week, enjoying a three-day weekend – and getting their normal, five-day paycheck. The result, the company says, was a productivity boost of 40%. Microsoft Japan says it became more efficient in several areas, including lower electricity costs, which fell by 23%. And as its workers took five Fridays off in August, they printed nearly 60 percent fewer pages. Read More: