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‘Bad Reviews Are An Opportunity to Form a Relationship’

PRESS RELEASE FROM THE JOURNAL OF MARKETING: MAKE THE BEST OF BAD REVIEWS BY LEVERAGING CONSUMER EMPATHY: Those negative reviews usually lead to adverse consumer reactions such as decreased purchase or customer dislike for the brand. Using six studies and four supplemental experiments, the research team provides converging evidence that unfairness in negative reviews evokes empathy for the firm from third-party consumers reading the reviews. Read More:

The surprising traits of good remote leaders

The study, published in the Journal of Business and Psychology, tracked 220 US-based teams to see which team members emerged as leaders across in-person, virtual and hybrid groups. As expected, the face-to-face teams chose leaders with the same confident, magnetic, smart-seeming extroverted traits that we often see in organisational leaders. Read More:

The personality traits that make you a successful leader

Like extroversion, conscientiousness was more closely linked to leader emergence than to leadership effectiveness. A willingness to do new things was the third strongest predictor of leadership in general, but in business in particular openness was just as strongly linked to leadership as extroversion. Read More:

4 Ways for Leaders to Build Resilience

There are techniques leaders can use to build their own resilience-and tips they can pass on to their team about dealing with adversity. In essence, times of crisis challenges leaders to be the best versions of themselves. Read More:

Credit Karma CEO says leaders should use their businesses for good

That’s why, ahead of the upcoming election, Credit Karma has teamed up with VoteAmerica to launch Voter Roadmap, an initiative that leverages Credit Karma’s platform to help make voter registration more accessible for millions of eligible Americans. Members can register or re-register to vote, check their registration status and even make a plan for voting directly within the Credit Karma app. Read More:

If You Don’t Make These 5 Changes, You’re Not a Great Leader Anymore

The core seems to be about fostering a sense of connection, and that you’re engaged as a leader, even if you’re physically distant from the people you’re leading. You can likely combine all three of these previous changes, and they’ll point to this one: Virtual leaders who are perceived as being altruistic and helpful by their peers will be also be perceived as better leaders. Read More:

Why Documentation is Unpopular

The lifecycle of tribal knowledge writing things down1. As the group grows and breaks off to do other things, someone may become the go-to person for questions. Read More:

Design Libs

How might we solve the problem from key insight/user story. User stories should be written so that anyone could understand the needs of the user without a technical understanding of the topic. Read More: