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Hulu Said 65% Of Live-sports Viewers Go On To Watch Other Content

Hulu said 65% of live-sports viewers go on to watch other content – Business Insider The video-streaming service Hulu has frequently touted its unique approach to digital live TV. On Tuesday at an over-the-top-media-services event hosted by the Trade Desk for media buyers, Hulu said 65% of its live-sports viewers go on to watch its library of on-demand content. Hulu CEO Randy Freer has previously said this model has boosted the margins on Hulu Live TV. Sports and news content are two of the largest categories of content in Hulu Live TV. Doug Fleming, Hulu’s head of advanced TV who spoke at the Trade Desk event, didn’t say how much margin improvement the company has seen by giving Hulu Live TV subscribers access to Hulu’s entire library. Read More:

Creating And Distributing Content For The Customer Journey

Still, most B2Bs are not mature in their content marketing efforts, and a top priority is to improve their content strategy approach. KEY STAT: Strategic content can influence B2B audience behavior across the customer life cycle, according to January 2019 research from Walker Sands Communications. Read More:

How Cannabis Companies Can Access Digital Advertising Opportunities

The remaining 41 percent of advertising spend is only available to cannabis companies in a patchwork manner dependent on local and state laws. When platforms like Facebook, Google and cable TV will not accept advertising dollars from a cannabis company, these companies must find alternative means to reach customers. Read More:

Adtech is too “open”, human error prone, so save itself.

ADS.TXT COULD SAVE AD TECH-IF IT WASN’T SO CONVOLUTED: Txt to see which ad networks are keeping the lights on for publishers across the internet-and that includes some of the most controversial corners. Publishers are at the end of the Rube Goldberg machine that is the ad-tech supply chain, earning pennies on the dollar for the ads they choose to run, explained Charles Cantu, founder of programmatic platform Reset Digital. Read More: