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Content Distribution: The Essential Guide

Whether you are a content marketing novice looking to start small, an experienced practitioner looking to refresh a flagging initiative, or a seasoned expert wanting to make the biggest splash with a massive, multiplatform content launch, you need to decide which distribution options work best for your purposes. Kick things off by looking at how each channel matches with the audience, goals, and priorities outlined in your content marketing strategy, and the team resources and content types established under your editorial plan. Read More:

5 Actions Backed by Research to Improve Your Content Marketing

There’s more good news: 68% of all content marketers surveyed say they successfully used content marketing to build credibility with their audience in the last 12 months. What’s ahead for content marketers? We will begin revealing the findings of our latest content marketing survey at Content Marketing World in September. Read More:

Adtech needs to stop circumventing and start embracing consumer choice.

‘THE SCALE OF THE PROBLEM IS ENORMOUS’: APPLE FLEXES STRONG ANTI-TRACKING STANCE: Firefox has its own anti-tracking policy, which Apple nods to, and Google has pledged to crack down on cross-site tracking and fingerprinting. Apple’s no-nonsense stance toward privacy on the open web means industry sources question how long Apple will keep identification for advertising alive. Read More:

rogrammatic Hurdles

What's Holding Publishers Back From Selling More Inventory Programmatically?

The monetization potential of inventory is the most commonly-cited top benefit for publishers selling programmatically, although publishers have concerns over diminishing margins, per a study by Advertiser Perceptions made available to MarketingCharts. In contrast to the opportunity of monetizing inventory, around half also listed diminishing publisher margins on impressions sold as a factor limiting the share of inventory allocated towards programmatic. Read More: