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California AG Drops Highly Anticipated First Draft Of CCPA Implementation Regs

The California attorney general’s office on Thursday published the first draft of its implementation regulations for the California Consumer Privacy Act. The CCPA makes a distinction between third parties and service providers, which are defined similarly to data processors under Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation. Read More:

How Insider Inc is preparing for life after third-party cookies

Update: An earlier version of this article stated it was Business Insider, instead of BI parent Insider Inc. With the fate of third-party cookies in doubt, Insider Inc. has developed a way to provide advertisers with ad-targeting options based on reader interests and behaviors. Insider Inc has a freemium model, in which select articles are locked for Business Insider Prime members. Read More:

The difference between a clear day and a cloudy day means a difference of 10-12% in orders for Clothing, Home/Furniture, and Wholesale retailers.

ACCUWEATHER REVEALS HOW WEATHER INFO DICTATES CONSUMER BEHAVIOR: What happens to the shopping experience when it rains or snows in the US? Would a flood-like situation impact online grocery sales on weekly sales in India? What would it look like for advertisers who invested millions on targeted advertising campaigns to suddenly realize it’s going to lose because of a typhoon or a hurricane? How is the consumer behavior related to weather information, and how brands need to go a step further with making all the right insights with weather data?. As the gold standard in weather forecasting, AccuWeather is the number one supplier of customized, pinpoint weather warnings to large enterprises, as well as a vital information source for worldwide weather forecasts, data and meteorological consulting services. Read More:

How One Company Is Plugging The Holes

The platform uses a federated data architecture that prevents data from ever leaving its source and measures the sales impact. No individual transaction data leaves the secure environment of its partners, and only aggregate insights are delivered to the brands it serves, according to the company. Read More:

Sellers.json, ITP, data clean rooms, bid translation: A guide to ad tech’s big issues

Ad tech and publishing tech vendors are devising new features and tools aimed at helping leverage this kind of authenticated data, to ensure everyone is compliant with data privacy laws. They are not cheap to do, nor are they easy, but they’re getting more air time, partly as a result of pressures from data privacy laws like GDPR. They provide a way for advertisers to blend and match different data sets from select partners without the fear of data leakage or any kind of data privacy breach. Read More: