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As walled gardens grow, the open web closes ranks

Despite the scale and ease that walled gardens can offer, advertisers too often feel they have few alternatives but to sacrifice data control and transparency. Ultimately, over-reliance on walled gardens is a missed opportunity to integrate data in a way that can capture a persistent identity across channels, devices and content to create a unified experience for the consumer. Read More:

Cultivated data is the next Gold Rush

Industrial manufacturing, search and social media data and a handful of other verticals are long-established gold mines for data information and analytics. Some of our SparkLabs Korea portfolio companies get paid a few hundred thousand per year to open up their data to the public, and the Korea Data Agency has created vertical consortiums to encourage standard building for data structures within specific industries such as finance, healthcare and transportation. Read More:

Senior Marketing Leaders' Biggest Source of Pressure

How Do Larger and Smaller Companies Approach Marketing Differently?

More than one-third of senior marketers from larger companies believe that the best way to improve the way marketing teams can better communicate with the wider business is to provide training to help staff understand and explain marketing performance. Domo’s survey shows that many more larger companies than smaller companies acknowledge that there is currently a digital skills gap in their organization, suggesting either their size is causing a challenge in keeping knowledge sharp, or that they have more advanced requirements compared to smaller firms. Read More:

How Do Senior Marketing Executives Worldwide Feel GDPR Has Affected Customer Relationships? 

CCPA Requirements and the Effects of GDPR One Year Later

Companies need to provide explicit information on how and to whom personal information is sold and shared, and for what reasons. Despite the seemingly limited benefit to consumers, digital marketers post-GDPR have made improvements to their data infrastructure, placing greater emphasis on ensuring their data is GDPR-compliant and changing the way companies collect data. Read More:

EU Investigates If Amazon Hurts Competition By Using Sellers’ Data

Updated at 3:07 p.m. ET. Does Amazon hurt competition by exploiting data from other sellers in its marketplace? The European Union has opened a formal antitrust investigation into the giant online retailer to answer that question. Does the Internet giant stifle competition by exploiting data it collects from other companies for its own benefit? NPR’s Alina Selyukh reports the EU is focusing on Amazon’s dual role as a seller and a platform for other sellers. Read More: