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eMarketer Trends, Forecasts & Statistics

GetResponse reported an average 19.0% open rate, whereas Epsilon reported separate rates for business-as-usual emails and triggered emails, with the latter performing about 60% better. Noad. Pauline Majer, head of email marketing at team management application, was against using open and click rates as KPIs. Read More:

ail Open and Click Rates

Email Click Rates Continue to Decline. Which Emails Perform Better?

In the second quarter of 2019, analysis of the aggregated data of emails sent through Epsilon’s platform shows that average email click-through rates dropped below the 3% mark for the first time in North America, reversing a minor uptick in the same period last year. These seem to be responsible for the lower averages, as the unique click rate on BAU marketing emails was a paltry 0.7%, compared to the 5.5% for service emails. Read More:

Consumers: Only One-Quarter of Brand Emails Are Interesting Enough to Open

A possible reason for this is that brands are not necessarily making offers interesting enough for people to open their emails. Respondents to Adobe’s survey say that only about one-quarter of brand emails in their work or personal inboxes have offers interesting enough to open. Read More:

Channel Effectiveness in Reaching Target Audiences

Four Points About Direct Mail’s Usage and Effectiveness

Direct mail is also considered an effective channel for reaching end users, sales and marketing, and finance audiences, but only for finance does direct mail come out on top. As marketers are well aware of the perceived benefits of personalization, including increased engagement and conversion, 59% direct mail marketers who say they have a high or complete level of integration also report having a lot or complete personalization in their direct mail. Read More:

What Do Consumers Want From Marketing Emails?

The popularity of retailer emails skews slightly toward older respondents, as evidenced in a March 2019 report from Alliance Data. Closely trailing at 38%, boomers also welcomed brand communications via email. Read More: