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Artifically postponing climate change…but at what other costs?

WHAT IS GEOENGINEERING—AND WHY SHOULD YOU CARE?: In the following decades, the concept occasionally popped up in research papers and at scientific conferences, but it didn’t gain much attention until the late summer of 2006, when Paul Crutzen, a Nobel Prize-winning atmospheric chemist, called for geoengineering research in an article in Climatic Change. In the years since Crutzen’s paper, more researchers have studied geoengineering, mainly using computer simulations or small lab experiments to explore whether it would really work, how it might be done, what sorts of particles could be used, and what environmental side effects it might produce. Read More:

Google Fined $1.7 Billion By E.u. For Unfair Advertising Rules

The case is the last of three investigations the European Commission has pursued against Google, which has headquarters in Mountain View, Calif.Last year, Ms. Vestager fined Google a record €4.34 billion for using its ownership of the Android mobile operating system to unfairly undercut rivals in the mobile phone market, a decision that also forced the company to change how it bundled its apps on smartphones. Read More:

Bid stream data lacks authentic validation – its all suspect.

CONFESSIONS OF A LOCATION DATA EXEC: ‘IT’S A PONZI SCHEME’: How much of the location data in the market is fake?I met with a programmatic leader at one of the agency networks recently who asked my firm to help him verify the location data in the bid stream because they believe up to 80 percent or more of the lat-long data available there is fake. Read More: