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Customer Advocacy in 2019

The 10 Brands Topping the US Customer Advocacy Rankings in 2019

The Advocacy Rankings measure customers’ likelihood to recommend 1,750 major brands. All brands must have a minimum customer sample size of 200 and have been tracked for at least 6 months to be included in the rankings and at least 6 months in the prior year’s period to be included among improvers. Read More:

WARC Releases the Marketeers Toolkit for 2020

WARC, the global marketing intelligence service, released its ninth annual Marketer’s toolkit for 2020. POLICY. Data privacy is both a trend in regulation and a growing consumer demand and is one of the most important global themes for marketers in 2020. Read More:

ting Priorities in 2020

Here’s What B2B Content Marketers Are Prioritizing in 2020

The majority of B2B marketers say they’re finding success with their current marketing content strategy, but how will they carry over that success in the year to come? For almost half of the B2B content marketers surveyed for a report from the Content Marketing Institute, one of the top priorities is improving the quality and conversion of audiences. Another area B2B content marketers foresee prioritizing in 2020 is improving on content marketing measurement. Read More:

Evaluating TV’s Enhanced Role In A Full-Funnel Environment

According to the Video Advertising Bureau, 54% of U.S. TV homes can receive targeted TV advertising, and as a result, addressable TV ad spending is projected to grow 33% in 2020 to $3.4B. The evolution of addressable consumer targeting means that television could deliver valuable business outcomes across the full marketing funnel – from brand awareness to sales activation. Whether on TV or a personal smartphone, ads targeted for product categories more relevant to a viewer do not stimulate more attention or more emotional response than standard ads. Read More:

of Successful B2B Content Marketing

‘Most B2B content marketing is NOT for lead gen!’

MORE B2B MARKETERS SAY SUCCESSFUL CONTENT GENERATES SALES: With B2B buyers citing misleading content as one of their biggest issues with content, the majority of B2B content marketers get high marks for always or frequently fact-checking their content to ensure accuracy. About the Data: Results are based on a survey of 679 B2B content marketers from North America whose organization has used content marketing for at least one year. Read More: