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Responsibility: The Consumer View

3 in 4 Consumers Say They’re More Likely to Trust a Brand They Know

A new report [pdf] from Ipsos has found that while 73% of consumers are more likely to trust a brand they know, a similar proportion think that branding is an excuse to make money. Time and again it has been seen that good quality is what makes consumers trust brands and that fair pricing and customer reviews encourage brand loyalty. Read More:

Barriers to the

Marketers Are Looking for Innovative Ideas and Strategic Direction from Agencies

Marketers also say that agencies will be used for other martech trends such as data/content visualization, automation and AI. With the more than 250 marketers surveyed working alongside agencies in numerous areas, there are bound to be areas of friction. For some businesses, smaller agencies may fulfill this attribute best, as Globality and the CMO Club found that about two-fifths of CMOs believe the small to mid-size agencies offer more creativity than larger agencies. Read More:

Strategies on Amazon

Brands’ Business Goals on Amazon Are More Than Just Sales

Although brands see Amazon as a full-funnel purchase channel, 3 in 10 feel that Amazon is most often used during the consideration stage. Two-thirds of brands say their customer acquisition cost on Amazon is the same or higher than other channels, while 45% saying their average CAC is less than $100. Among those brands that do not sell products on Amazon, 37% say they don’t think it’s necessary. Read More:

ntiator in 2020

What’s the Number One Brand Differentiator in 2020?

Superior product innovation is another key aspect for brand differentiation, as cited by 21.3% share of respondents, on par with the share that believe brand authenticity will be the biggest factor. Previous research has shown that brand awareness is a more important metric to CMOs than ROI. This study lends more weight to the importance placed on awareness: far more respondents cite growing brand awareness as their biggest brand concern this year than other challenges including measuring marketing value. Read More:

ers Love Brands

What Reasons Do Consumers Give for Loving Brands?

As it stands out, brands that can make life more comfortable, convenient and entertaining are well poised to reap the rewards of consumer love, as this was the reason cited by the largest share of the 1,000 consumers surveyed for loving certain brands. To a much lesser extent, consumers love brands because the brand makes them feel understood as a consumer/person. Read More: