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n Advertising/Marketing Success

Media Touted As A Leading Factor in Marketing and Advertising Success

Marketers and agencies involved in media brand selection have reported another good year, with the majority saying the marketing or advertising they have done for their company or their clients this past year was somewhat or very successful. The survey asked respondents to rank the following factors in terms of their contribution to marketing and advertising success in 2019: media; creative; technology; and staff. Read More:

Top Earned Media Types for Direct Brands

How Are D2C Brands Reaching Customers?

As it turns out, D2C brands are using media across the board to gain the attention of customers. D2C brands rely heavily on earned media, with a full 90% saying that they currently or in the past have relied only on earned media – and another 95% saying they believe earned media is a significant contributor. Read More:

of Successful B2C Content Marketing

Are B2C Marketers Getting As Much Out of Their Content Efforts As Their B2B Counterparts?

As in-person events rank as the top demand generation tactic for B2B marketers and B2B companies allocate more of their budgets towards events than B2C companies, it is not too surprising that more B2B marketers have had success using content to drive attendance to one or more in-person events than B2C marketers. While both agree that improving the quality/conversion of audiences is one of their top 3 anticipated content marketing priorities for 2020, B2C marketers are more likely than their B2B counterparts to prioritize focusing on content quality/quantity. Read More:

‘Some good addressable TV media planning research, best practices.’

EVALUATING TV’S ENHANCED ROLE IN A FULL-FUNNEL ENVIRONMENT: According to the Video Advertising Bureau, 54% of U.S. TV homes can receive targeted TV advertising and, as a result, addressable TV ad spending is projected to grow 33% in 2020 to $3.4B. The evolution of addressable consumer targeting means that television could deliver valuable business outcomes across the full marketing funnel – from brand awareness to sales activation. In evaluating ads that were highly relevant and ‘in-market’ to ads that were of low or no relevance, we found that limited interruption produced no significant difference in ad avoidance, ad liking or attitude towards the brand across ad types. Read More:

Marketers' Data Use Broadly vs. in Loyalty Programs

Marketers Are Lagging in Their Use of CRM Data for Loyalty Programs

More than three-fifths of marketers say their loyalty programs are fully integrated with their CRM data. Finally, in examining marketers’ data usage for personalization, the report reveals that marketers within the Financial and Retail industries have an above-average usage of loyalty redemption data activity for personalization within the email channel. Read More: