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Google Emails In Adtrader Lawsuit Show Company Didn’t Refund Ad Fraud

Internal Google emails show that for years the company failed to return credit or refunds to advertisers when they were billed for fraudulent advertising activity, according to US federal court documents obtained by Business Insider. AdTrader sued Google in 2017, claiming that $476,622 paid by its clients for ads on web sites that contravened Google’s rules was not refunded after Google discovered the clicks that generated the bills were invalid. Read More:

Hits Spring: Blockgraph Aims For Secure ‘identity’ For Tv Ad Industry

Data is at the center of the initiative: between the content, the devices and the connectivity, Manningham shared data estimating 550% growth in the amount of data media and entertainment companies will be dealing with between 2018-2025. Among the concerns with all the data moving around today’s entertainment ecosystem is privacy and security, with nearly 80% of ad executives believing privacy is their top priority, and two out of three concerned about consumer backlash around their data. Read More:

Juniper Ad Fraud Study Reports a Stark Contrast to ANA/WhiteOps

STUDY: ADVERTISING SPEND LOST TO FRAUD GROWS BY 21%: Dive Brief: Advertisers will lose $42 billion of ad spend around the world in 2019 due to fraud across online, mobile and in-app channels, according to a new study from Juniper Research. The report predicts that advertisers will only save $16 billion of the ad spend that would otherwise be lost to fraud. Read More:

Is Influencer Impact On Brand Image And Safety A Concern For Marketers?

Trusting influencers with brand reputation was the greatest concern for 14% of UK and US digital marketing respondents, according to an August 2018 survey from Influencer Intelligence and Econsultancy. According to a February 2019 survey from influencer tech company Activate, nearly one in five respondents said they planned to up their influencer marketing budgets by 25% to 49% this year, and some have plans to more than triple their budgets. Read More: