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Without cookies, fingerprints, and truncated IP addresses, we’re forced to use Google’s proprietary android ID

GOOGLE’S NEW COOKIES FEATURES MAY HAMPER ONLINE ADVERTISING, IMPROVE PRIVACY: New measures limiting the use of cookies in the Google Chrome browser will give users more easy-to-access information and power over which cookies websites have installed on their browsers, crucially distinguishing between cookies that actually help you and those that glean data for advertisers. The dust is starting to settle on the announcement Google made at the conference, even if the details have yet to emerge, but a blog post about the new Cookies points out that they will limit the way third-party companies can use cookies in the Google Chrome browser while at the same time giving s its own use of cookies and ability to build personalized ads, a boost. Read More:

Solution: Pick your market, focus, listen, iterate

STRATEGIC CONTENT MARKETERS FIND PRIORITIZING AUDIENCE SEGMENTATION A CHALLENGE: When thinking about audiences within their markets, 7 in 10 strategic content marketers struggle to prioritize their efforts towards one audience over another, per the latest research [PDF] from the Content Management Institute, sponsored by Vennli. It’s true that marketers are taking the time to research the customer journey, yet half of the strategic content marketers surveyed said knowing the goal of the audience at a particular stage of the customer’s journey is a challenge. Read More:

Marketers Struggle To Deliver Omnichannel Personalization That Consumers Crave

Consumer frustration stemmed from brands’ sometimes subpar execution in omnichannel marketing, including receiving an offer for something they already bought and not being recognized as an existing customer. Only 37% of consumers surveyed said that they would stop doing business with a brand for these reasons, indicating a window of opportunity for brands to improve their execution and narrow the expectations gap. Read More:

Consolidating the supply chain, tech tax should expedite payments with fewer middlemen

ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE TACKLES DIGITAL ADVERTISING: Despite these massive overhauls in advertising technology, the way advertisers pay publishers remains largely stuck in the past, according to Good Life Networks Founder and CEO Jesse Dylan, and Vice President of Technology Chris Bradley. The advertising industry is, of course, not the only sector struggling with delayed payments and accounts receivable bottlenecks. Read More:

Which Companies’ Marketing Campaigns Are Sparking Conversation?

Engagement Labs looked at close to 500 consumer brands and ranked them based on the share of offline conversations about the brand in which people were talking about the brand’s marketing or advertising. About the Data: The percentage figures indicate the share of offline conversations about the brand in which people are talking about the brand’s marketing or advertising. Read More: