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imary Business Concern Going into 2021

B2C Marketers Outline Their Top Concerns and Priorities This Year

B2C marketers are very much aware of this demand, per data from Iterable, which looks at the primary business concerns of B2B marketers as well as their top priorities in the coming year. Acquiring new customers is top-of-mind for the majority of the B2C marketers surveyed, with close to two-thirds listing increasing new customer acquisition as one of their top 3 priorities for the year. Read More:

Investment Plans for 2021

Which Digital Platforms Are Marketers Upping Their Spend on This Year?

Last year saw marketers utilizing social media more in order to reach consumers during the pandemic. Although social media is thought to be one of the most difficult channels when it comes to revenue attribution, many marketers expect to increase their budget for social media platforms including Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and LinkedIn. Read More:

owing Brands in

These Brands Had the Fastest Growth in Consumer Buying Intent in 2020

With a global pandemic changing the way consumers shopped, worked and communicated throughout the majority of 2020, it’s no surprise that the year’s Fastest Growing Brands , as determined by Morning Consult, included brands specializing in online communication, entertainment and food delivery. The third-fastest growing brands varied among the generations with HBO Max taking the #3 spot for both Gen Z adults and Gen X. Peacock was #3 in purchase intent growth with Millennials, while Pfizer held that spot with Boomers. Read More:

s When Evaluating New MarTech

As MarTech Spending Looks Set to Rise Again in 2021, Ease of Use Remains A Key Factor

The survey of 270 B2B and B2C marketing professionals shows that when considering new marketing technology, 9 in 10 agree that they find martech that consolidates multiple tools into a single platform appealing. Ease of implementation is not the only consideration marketing professionals use when appraising new martech. Read More:

o Delivering a Relevant

Video Advertisers Say They’re Not Yet Effectively Reaching the Right Audiences

Some 8 in 10 US advertisers agree on the importance of reaching the right audience with their video ad efforts, but significantly fewer feel that they are able to do this effectively, finds Xandr in its 2020 Relevance Report [pdf]. Advertisers want consumers to have a great experience with their ads – and while the 200 US advertising TV and video ad decision-makers surveyed appear to know the necessary steps to creating that great experience, only a minority feel they are taking these steps effectively. Read More:

ting Priorities in the Year Ahead

Where Do Digital Marketers’ Priorities Lie for the Year Ahead?

Digital marketers have a clear vision of their priorities though some are working with less marketing resources than others, according to Altimeter’s State of Digital Marketing report for 2020. Digital marketers are concentrating on their existing customers: an almost-equal proportion said that increasing share-of-spend and revenues from key customers/accounts is one of their top 3 priorities in the year ahead. Other top-3 goals include successfully launching new products or services, developing brand reputation/raising targeted attributes and increasing brand awareness. Read More:

That Advertisers Believe Will

Advertisers Think These Metrics Will Take on More Importance in A Cookie-Less World

New data from Advertiser Perceptions has found that marketers and agencies believe that reporting tops the list of campaign phases that will become more challenging in a world without cookies. Linking ad spend to sales is not the only measurement tool that will become more important in a world without cookies. Read More:

nds by Brand Value ($m), in 2020

Here Are the World’s 10 Most Valuable Brands in 2020

For the eighth year running, Apple is at the top of the list of most valuable brands in the world, keeping its lead over top companies like Amazon, Microsoft and Google, according to Interbrand’s latest annual rankings. These requirements – that a brand be global, visible, and relatively transparent with financial results – lead to the exclusion of some well-known brands that might otherwise be expected to appear in the ranking. Read More:

fluentialPolitical Ad Platform

Advertisers Consider TV & Social the Most Influential Political Ad Platforms

The same survey, conducted in early September, showed that advertisers believed that TV and social media are the most effective or influential platforms for political advertising. More than 7 in 10 advertisers believe that Facebook will receive the most political ad spending this year, with 94% ranking the social media giant among the top three digital media platforms expected to accumulate the most political ad spend. Read More:

alty Leaders

2020’s Top Brands Ranked by Customer Loyalty

For the fourth consecutive year, Amazon has been crowned the brand loyalty leader in the US. This is according to Brand Key’s latest annual loyalty study [pdf], which ranked customer engagement and loyalty to 1,121 brands across 109 categories. About the Data: Brand Keys’ Loyalty Leaders analysis was conducted in August and September 2020 and includes assessments from 52,515 consumers, 16 to 65 years of age, from the nine US Census Regions, who self-selected the categories in which they are consumers and the brands for which they are customers. Read More: