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What Obstacles Are Preventing US Agency and Marketing Professionals from Using More Over-the-Top (OTT) Ads? 

Connected TV Ad Spending Limitations

An ad buyer considering connected TV has the option to buy from multiple sources, such as streaming device manufacturers, makers of smart TVs, content aggregators, programmatic ad exchanges and broadcast networks. Tom Fochetta, vice president of advertising sales at Samsung Ads, argued that rather than buying from multiple sources, ad buyers should look for products that have the ability to buy from multiple publishers through a single platform. Read More:

2019 Customer Loyalty Leaders

2019’s Top Brands Ranked by Customer Loyalty

So says the latest annual loyalty study [pdf] from Brand Keys, which ranked customer engagement and loyalty to 921 brands across 110 categories. About the Data: Brand Keys’ Loyalty Leaders analysis was conducted in August 2019 and includes assessments from 55,115 consumers, 16 to 65 years of age, from the nine US Census Regions, who self-selected the categories in which they are consumers and the brands for which they are customers. Read More:

Why Hulu Is Betting On New Ad Formats

Over the past few years, Hulu has built interactive ad formats to fit consumer viewing behaviors. Hulu wants 50% of its business to come from non-interruptive ad formats by 2020. Read More: