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No, Digital Media Did Not Solve The Wanamaker Conundrum

Brands flocked to digital advertising with the hope of finding media nirvana. Advertisers should focus on identifying suppliers in their media chain who are either non-transparent and therefore you cannot understand the value, or those who are but provide little ROI. Lastly, there is a need to evaluate the media buying activity itself, looking into media management, optimization and measurement, to ensure that the agency or in-house team are delivering effectively against your specific business needs. Read More:

Marketing Tactics' Effectiveness, by Funnel Section

Which Tactics Do Marketers Consider Effective At Different Stages of the Funnel?

To make matters worse, according to a report from GetResponse and Demand Metric, 7 in 10 of the more than 250 respondents surveyed report they either don’t know or have an imprecise understanding of funnel ROI. Despite this, what marketers have been able to figure out is that some tactics work better than others, depending on which part of the funnel buyers are in. Marketers may have an idea of the effectiveness of certain tactics at various stages of the funnel, but that doesn’t mean they readily use those tactics. Read More:

16 social media updates for marketers in 2019… so far

Marketers point out that Facebook is unlikely to give its users much control over sharing their data – after all, that’s how the company is making money. Marketers preferred Facebook Groups to Facebook pages, Live videos to recorded videos, and made other little tricks so that users would get notifications of their activity. Read More:

Consumer Openness to Switching Brands

New Stats About Brand Loyalty

Unswerving brand loyalty may almost be a thing of the past, as only 8% of global consumers and 9% of US consumers say they are loyal to brands or products they’ve always bought, per a report from Nielsen. The same report found that brand trust can also lead to loyalty and advocacy for a brand. Read More:

The 11 Strangest Things That Make Product Marketing Managers Powerful

Send out feedback forms and ask your customers things like: What factors made you choose our product over a competitor’s? What were the convincing features or benefits? Why is our product better? How have we improved? How is our competition’s product better, and what can we do to capitalize on this? Naturally, this also comes down to having excellent research skills and the ability to think analytically and strategically. According to LinkedIn’s Most Promising Jobs of 2019., product marketing is one of the most promising in the US, and based on LinkedIn research, a job as a product marketing manager will come with a high salary and year-over-year growth. Read More: