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9 in 10 Marketers See Outcome Improvements From Personalization

Just 6 in 10 organizations feel that they have extensive personalization capabilities when it comes to digital experiences, despite the fact that 83% believe personalization differentiates them from their competitors. In the survey of more than 400 digital marketers, respondents reported a range of outcome improvements from personalization. Read More:

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What Support Do B2B Marketers Offer Sales?

Data from last year shows that B2B marketers believe that while content is beneficial for top-of-the-funnel activities such as creating awareness and generating leads, it can also help to generate sales. Sales is also benefiting from video, with 43% of marketers saying they frequently provide this type of content to their sales organization. Read More:

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Linear TV Advertising Challenged in An Omnichannel World: 5 Points

Part of this decrease or stagnation in linear TV advertising spend is likely due to the growing belief that linear TV ad spend is less effective than it once was. Programmatic Linear TV. While many TV advertisers say that linear TV advertising would be more effective if it had better targeting capabilities, this technology remains relatively nascent, and that is reflected in its adoption: 20% of decision-makers say they are making programmatic linear TV part of this year’s ad spend, although another 20% are expecting to use it in the future. Read More:

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Which Ad Touchpoints Give the Most Positive Brand Impression?

The global survey of almost 14,000 adult consumers between the ages of 18 and 49 finds that 46% of respondents indicated that recommendations give them a more positive impression of brands, while positive online reviews from other users come in a close second. Following TV ads, around one-quarter of respondents pointed to social network ads as contributors to a more positive brand impression, while one-fifth think that influencer recommendations give them a more positive feeling about a brand. Read More:

nalization: Why is it Harder?

B2B Marketers Say Personalization is Harder for Them Than for B2C. Are They Right?

A new survey of more than 200 B2B sales and marketing professionals conducted by Folloze reveals that more than half believe that it’s harder to get personalization right in B2B than in B2C. Although B2B marketers do understand the importance of personalization, the research suggests that many aren’t practicing it as much they could. About half of respondents in the Folloze study say they feel it’s easier for B2C to get personalization right because it’s less complicated for B2C marketers to reach potential customers. Read More:

Responsibility: The Consumer View

3 in 4 Consumers Say They’re More Likely to Trust a Brand They Know

A new report [pdf] from Ipsos has found that while 73% of consumers are more likely to trust a brand they know, a similar proportion think that branding is an excuse to make money. Time and again it has been seen that good quality is what makes consumers trust brands and that fair pricing and customer reviews encourage brand loyalty. Read More: