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ial Services Loyalty Drivers

What Keeps Consumers Loyal to a Financial Services Company?

While common sense dictates that consumers choose to stay with a financial services company because they have trust in that company, the reality is that trust is far from the leading influence on customer loyalty. Receiving the best rates and lowest fees is actually the leading driver for consumers remaining loyal to a financial service company, per a Yes Marketing survey of 1,000 consumers who have used a financial services company in the past year. Read More:

Innovative Market Research Suppliers

These Are Considered the World’s Most Innovative Market Research Suppliers

The latest GRIT report indicates that 7 in 10 of those purchasing market research have an upbeat view of what the future holds, with a similar share of providers feeling the same way. They were then asked to choose one of 5 categories to describe these firms: data and analytics provider; full and/or field service agency; qualitative research provider; strategic consultancy; and, technology provider. Read More:

s Around Amazon Advertising

Leveraging Audience Data Remains A Challenge For Amazon Advertisers

More specific to Amazon, a survey by Three Door Media from late last year revealed that nearly half of marketers and advertisers surveyed said that inadequate reporting was their biggest challenge when advertising on Amazon. Of the three available ad formats available from Amazon, 43% of respondents say they are using or plan to use Amazon’s DSP. Slightly fewer respondents report using Sponsored Brands, which is surprising considering data from Merkle that found its own clients experiencing strong sales growth from their use of Amazon’s Sponsored Brands. Read More:

Reach Rate, by Follower Size

What’s Your Instagram Stories Reach Rate? Here Are Data-Driven Tips to Improve Your Stories

With the help of research from Socialinsider, here’s some data about Instagram Stories and some tips to improve your efforts. Accounts with fewer than 10K followers reach an average of 9.12% of followers with their Stories, while accounts with between 10K and 100K followers have an average reach rate of 5.22%. The trend continues, with the data showing that those Instagram accounts with more than 100K fans reach an average of 4.59% of their followers with their Stories. Read More:

Key Reasons Why Salespeople Use CRM Platforms

Key Reasons Salespeople Use CRM: Productivity and Organization

With salespeople racing to meet quota, productivity and organization help – and these figure prominently into the choice to use a CRM platform. Two-fifths of respondents report that one of the key reasons for using a CRM platform is because it helps improve productivity, while more than one-third say that they choose to use CRM as a way to get organized. Read More: