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Five Points About Podcast Advertising

While about half of podcast ads are baked-in ads, dynamically inserted ads are gaining in popularity. In just one year, dynamically inserted ads’ share of the total has increased by 17%. Host-read ads remain the ad type of choice, representing 63.3% of podcast ads in 2018. Read More:

Does A Higher Volume of Site Personalization Lead to Better Conversion Rates?

The conversion rate between the second and tenth page view increases more than 18-fold, while add-to-cart rates increase by almost 7-fold between the second and tenth page view. Monetate’s benchmark data reveals that while conversion rates fluctuated throughout the year, the US e-commerce conversion rate for Q4 2018 was generally flat on a year-over-year basis. Read More:

How Browser Privacy Updates Are Affecting Influencer Attribution

Influencer marketers will now have to rely on alternative attribution options, like giving influencers referral coupons to share with their followers or including prompts on checkout pages that ask customers where they heard about a product. Measuring ROI will likely always be a challenge for marketers, as the very nature of influencer marketing is rooted largely in brand awareness, rather than performance marketing. Read More:

Why Is Whatsapp So Popular Among Us Hispanics?

WhatsApp is more popular among US Hispanics than Instagram or Twitter, with those platforms seeing 34.3% and 21% user penetration, respectively. For greater context, that means there are 10 million more US Hispanics on WhatsApp than Instagram, and almost triple more than Twitter. Read More:

Five Points About Personalization

Even if personalization isn’t always on target, consumers are still acting on the messaging. Looking at the personalized messages that most appeal to consumers, it’s not too surprising that almost two-thirds of respondents said they acted on a personalized message because it was a great deal, while 47% said it was a product they wanted to buy anyway. Read More: