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uld Do to Earn Rewards Faster

What Are Consumers Willing to Do to Earn Loyalty Rewards Faster?

Consumers are also willing to write online reviews, download apps, view brand content such as videos or articles, follow the brand’s social media accounts and refer a product or service to a friend to get their loyalty rewards faster. Although this has not changed from a year ago, at that time earning points tied with programs that offer $10 rewards when customers spend $100. With consumers searching for ways to earn rewards quicker, the #2 preferred loyalty program this year is being able to earn points for purchasing across many retailers. Read More:

oducing the Best Originals

Consumers: Netflix Produces the Best Original Content

Among the more than 2,000 consumers ages 16-74-years-old surveyed – all of whom watch at least one hour of TV per week and have access to broadband – almost one-quarter mentioned Netflix when asked which brand produces the best original shows. Far more Americans have had the chance to sample Netflix’s original content than Amazon Prime Video’s, for example. Read More:


Data Hub: Coronavirus and Marketing

Marketers A survey of more than 200 industrial marketers conducted by IEEE GlobalSpec found that, at the time of the survey, more than half of respondents said that the coronavirus has not impacted their tradeshow plans. As the coronavirus crisis continues, more are saying they expect to spend more money on movie and TV streaming. Read More:

Artificial Intelligence to Create Ads

Marketers Expect to Prioritize AI Use for Ad Creation and Placement

While a recent study by Advertiser Perceptions found that half of the more than 300 marketers and agency professionals they interviewed had no plans to make use of AI in their advertising efforts, the other half have a strategy in place, with 32% saying they plan to use AI for this purpose sometime within the next 12 months. Although marketers are only making inroads in their real-time personalization efforts in certain channels, are the demands for personalization likely to push advertisers to use AI for ad creation? About 4 in 10 say that they believe it is inevitable that they will use AI to create original ads, while 42% say they imagine using it to customize existing creative for programmatic buys. Read More:

esponse Rates, by Day of the Week

Could Tuesday be the Day to Watch for Retailers?

As it turns out, per a new report from Oribi, Tuesdays may be the best day for online retailers in certain industries. What this analysis found was that online sales were highest on average across these industries on Tuesdays, when conversion rates averaged 2.5%. This is compared to weekends when conversion rates were found to fall to 2.1%. However, when comparing weekdays as a whole versus weekends, conversions rates were similar, averaging roughly 2%. Tuesdays were also the day when e-commerce retail sites for the four industries examined received the most traffic. Read More: