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Young Millennials Have A Positive View Of Targeted Ads. Others? Not So Much.

More than half of US adults believe that targeted advertisements are an inappropriate use of personal data rather than a convenient way to see products they’re interested in, according to more than 3,100 US adults surveyed by YouGov. Asked which choice best matched their perception, fewer than 3 in 10 of total respondents chose the option that targeted advertisements are a convenient way to see products they are interested in. These findings highlight the dilemma advertisers face, with consumers saying they prefer ads that are relevant to them – yet many are opposed to being targeted with ads based on their online activity. Read More:

Increased Amazon Ad Spend Brings Results

While spend on Amazon Sponsored Brands has increased a full 77% year-over-year in Q1 2019, sales grew by more than 200% YOY. Accounting for the majority of Amazon ad spend, Sponsored Product spend for Merkle clients increased by 19% YOY in the first quarter of 2019. Sponsored Brand ads, which only account for 13% of Amazon ad spend, even after the significant investment, experienced even more impressive results in Q1. Brands saw a 120% YOY increase in ad clicks and an increase of 202% in sales. Read More:

What Do Seo And Ppc Agencies Charge?

Google’s investor release for Q1 2019 showed that the number of paid clicks fell by 9% in the past quarter, while CPC has risen by 5%. So how much should you be paying for external support to make the most out of Google – and other search engines? The data from Credo comes from 271 marketing agencies and consultants across a range of digital disciplines, including SEO and PPC. It’s worth noting these figures tend to be from small firms or solo practitioners, with only around 1 in 3 working at a firm with 5 staff or more – and that PPC spend doesn’t necessarily exclude the media costs due to the survey’s design. Some 40% of US SEO agencies charge between $101-$150 per hour, with a full 71% charging between $101-$200 per hour. Read More:

Does your ad provide reader value (aka content)?

HAVE CONSUMERS BECOME APATHETIC TOWARDS ADVERTISING?: While consumers in other countries seem to get more enjoyment from advertising, the UK is the only market that has a lower percentage of consumers who enjoy advertising than the US. The data also suggests that where consumers happen to view an ad contributes to how much it is enjoyed. As brands look to get their message through, consumers may be seeing more of this sort of advertising, as last year advertisers were expected to allocate more of their digital advertising budgets towards native advertising, which included product placement on television. Read More:

How Do Shopping Tendencies Vary By Consumer Age?

Nearly half of digital respondents said they checked product reviews; 57% of traditional consumers prioritized looking for online offers or coupons, compared with 44% of digital consumers who said the same. After they’ve made a purchase, 61% of digital consumers are likely to share an exceptional shopping experience on social media, vs. just 29% of traditional consumers who said the same, according to BRP. This trend holds true for unsatisfactory experiences: Fifty-six percent of digital consumers said they’d post on social about a poor experience, compared with 27% of traditional consumers. Read More: