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Search’s Share of Global Digital Ad Spend Plateaus

As a result, search advertising’s share of internet advertising spend appears to be leveling off, per the Global Ad Trends report from WARC. Search is expected to account for just less than half of internet advertising spend this year, but this represents the lowest share in 10 years. Although mobile’s share of ad spend and its share of search traffic in those countries are both growing, mobile’s allotted ad spend is increasing a quicker rate. Read More:

US Millennials' Purchase Influencers

Three Interesting Findings About What Influences Millennials’ Purchases

The latest US Purchase Influencers Report 2019 from MarketingCharts, in partnership with YouGov, has revealed somewhat surprising findings on how Millennials are being influenced to purchase products and services. Almost half of Millennials reported being exposed to advertising in digital video during a typical week, with social media and traditional TV following in quick succession as the areas with the most advertising reach with Millennials. Read More:

Supply-Side Platforms (SSPS) US Publishers Use to Monetize Select Media Types, March 2019 

eMarketer Podcast: How Google Came to Dominate the Ad Tech Stack, Plus Recent Long Tail Consolidation Deals

eMarketer principal analyst Lauren Fisher joins fellow principal analyst Nicole Perrin to talk about recent coverage from The Wall Street Journal about how Google came to have the biggest digital ad business. Then they discuss ad tech consolidation and a handful of recent video-focused deals, including Roku’s acquisition of DSP dataxu and Xandr’s purchase of SSP Clypd. Read More:

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US Mobile Device Owners Aren’t Just Discovering Apps Through the App Store

Smartphone apps now account for a whopping two-thirds of time spent with digital media in the US. So where are consumers discovering the apps they download? The latest research from Comscore reveals that US consumers aren’t just finding apps through the app store. Another 27% say they discover apps through the Top List in the app store. Read More:

Amazon's Forecast Share of US Digital Ad Spending

Amazon Forecast to Account for 1 in 10 US Ad Dollars in 2021

Amazon is estimated to account for 7.6% of the total US digital ad spend this year. In dollar terms, Amazon’s US ad revenues are predicted to be about 70% higher in 2021 than this year, and more than twice last year’s total. Read More: