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ues Used by "Visible Experts"*

How Do People Come to Be “Visible Experts” in Their Field?

Per responses from the 220 Visible Experts and 275 clients surveyed, Visible Experts use a variety of techniques to gain visibility, including referrals/recommendations, social media, speaking engagements and attending networking events/trade shows. More specifically, clients also shared that Visible Experts can introduce new solutions the client had not considered, that they get the job done and have an ability to solve complex problems. Read More:

g Forecast, 2021 vs. 2020

Not All Traditional Media Expected to Bounce Back Next Year

Newspaper ad investment, whose decrease this year was only slightly less than that of OOH, is not set to see any increase next year, though spending is predicted to be relatively stable. Transport and Tourism, which took an unsurprising hit this year is expected to increase by 19.5% in 2021, while categories such as Business & Industrial, Telecoms & Utilities and Media & Publishing are projected to exceed their 2019 spending. Read More:

g Growth Forecast*

Here Are Forecasts for the Global Ad Market This Year

Although global consumption of content, including that of TV, increased due to the pandemic, the TV and professionally produced video market saw ad revenue shrink 15.1% over 2019, totaling $135.8 billion. Revenue forecasts into 2024 for this market still fall short of the $31.1 billion in revenue from 2019.Retail Media. Read More:

h the Biggest Perceived

Which Emerging Tech Do Marketers Think Will Most Impact Strategy This Year?

Real-time marketing, analytics and AI are just some of the technologies that marketers think will have an impact on marketing strategy in 2021 according to a recent survey from Ascend2. The 270 marketers surveyed in November 2020 were asked which emerging technologies they thought would have the most impact on overall marketing strategy in the year ahead. For the largest portion, real-time marketing is set to have the greatest impact. Read More:

Customer Experience Delivery

Here’s Where Marketers Are Struggling Most with the Customer Experience and Personalization

About 1 in 5 respondents say that the inability to personalize customer experiences is a challenge to achieving desired CX. It appears that a lack of strategy also presents an obstacle when it comes to personalizing the customer experience, with a little less than half of the 120 respondents ranking lack of or no clear organizational strategy for personalization among their top three personalization challenges. For those respondents who will have implemented a personalization initiative by 2023, about half feel that in order to be successful at personalizing the customer experience they will need a comprehensive customer data management strategy. Read More:

ersonalization Drivers

Retention Now A Bigger Personalization Priority Than Acquisition

During COVID-19, customer retention has become the motivation behind the website personalization strategy for many of these companies. Retention rates are now a bigger priority for e-commerce websites than that of conversion rates, order size, engagement or meeting customer demands for a personalized experience, while only 45% are being driven by increased return on acquisition spend. Read More:

r Experience on Loyalty

How Does Customer Experience Affect Loyalty Behaviors?

Consumers are clearly attracted to loyalty programs, but what else can encourage loyalty behaviors? By examining feedback from 10,000 US consumers across 20 industries, XM Institute was able to identify a link between the quality of customers’ experiences and their propensity to engage in behaviors such as purchasing more from a company, recommending the company, forgiving a bad experience and trusting the company. When taking a look at loyalty behaviors by industry, companies in each of the 20 industries tracked can expect to see an increase in customer loyalty activities if they provide a good CX. However, based on the percentage point difference between loyalty behaviors after customers experience poor or good CX, some industries are particularly impacted. Read More:

isit Conversion Rates*, by Industry

Podcast Advertising Benchmarks

How are podcast ads performing? A recent report from Podsights looks at several benchmarks for the period between Q4 2018 and Q2 2020.Conversion Rates. Of the one-third of campaigns analyzed that included a lead pixel, the report found that the average lead conversion rate for attributed visitors was 9.25%. The Personal Finance industry is the leader by far when it comes to average lead conversion rate, followed by Retail and Meal Delivery. Read More:

Lead Conversion

Where Are Marketers Struggling with Lead Conversion?

So says a new report from Ascend2 and Verse, which also found that one of the biggest challenges to successful lead conversion was collecting enough data on leads. While lack of skills poses a problem in other areas of sales and marketing, time is a factor in the area of lead conversion, with 44% of respondents saying that the biggest problem with their existing lead conversion approach is that their staff is too busy to follow up. Read More: