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Closing the circle: connecting the world of programmatic advertising

The glue that brings digital advertising together as a cross-platform offering, which will enable the closing of the circle of a customer’s journey, is data and programmatic trading. What is certain is that the same programmatic exchanges which power mobile advertising will be driving digital advertising across other channels. Read More:

MRC Finds All But Two Digital Ad Measurers Now ‘BTR’ Compliant: Google, Nielsen Still Not Rendering

A year-and-a-half after the advertising and mobile media industry moved to a new, higher standard for crediting when a mobile ad “Renders,” two of the biggest companies measuring the delivery of digital audience impressions – Google and Nielsen – still aren’t on board. In a status update published this week, the Media Rating Council said 16 digital audience measurement services are now compliant with the industry’s so-called “Begin to render” standard, but Google and Nielsen still are not. The “BTR” standard was developed by the MRC with the Interactive Advertising Bureau and the Mobile Marketing Association to provide a more valid measure of a mobile ad exposure than ads being served, and established a “Grace period” and provided several extensions in order for digital audience measurement services to comply. Read More:

Killing the click standard could reduce ad fraud

73% OF FRAUD BLOCKED IN 2018 WAS CLICK SPAM AND CLICK INJECTIONS: Apps categorized under dating, shopping, and banking topped the charted in terms of being affected by app install fraud, with Adjust believing that apps that have a high cost per action are targeted by creators of fraud. The study from Scalarr found four new types of fraud, namely attribution fraud, device farms, mixed fraud, and smart bots, adding that many mobile advertisers may not quite realize that mobile app install fraud has become virtually undetectable without professional tools. Read More: