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‘Clogging Index: Scott is least likely to plug the pipes’

BEST TOILET PAPER FOR YOUR PLUMBING: If you have an old toilet, bad pipes, a septic tank, or a kid who loves to watch toilet paper disappear down the toilet, it’s even more important you buy the right toilet paper to avoid disaster. Toilet Paper Facts You Need to KnowIn the 6th century, the Chinese were the first recorded to use sheets of toilet paper. Read More:

Digital Billboards Open-up Advertising To Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, And Cryptocurrency

While digital advertising seems to be providing all the answers and benefits for the customers viewing these digital sign boards which offer AR, Haptics, interaction and ease of access, there is also benefits that can be found for the advertisers who may have been disenfranchised because of the legacy of advertising dating back to Draper and his core of alphas. Read More:

OOH looks more like online advertising everday

TOP 5 OUT-OF-HOME ADVERTISING TRENDS: The static billboards of the past are increasingly being replaced by dynamic digital signs that update in real time and are activated by mobile devices or connected cars, pointing to how the integration of digital technology with out-of-home advertising unlocks interesting opportunities for marketers. Read More: