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What is an Open Source Ad Server? A 2020 Guide

An open source ad server is an ad serving script that you download from a third-party and then host on your own servers. Open source ad serving may look good on paper, but ad serving tech is not something that can be set up and forgotten; it needs constant monitoring to ensure everything is serving correctly. Read More:

tising Revenue Share,by Channel

6 Points About US Digital Ad Revenues in 2019

Programmatic ad revenue maintained its majority share of non-search ad revenues in 2019. The spread of COVID-19 and lock-down measures that were put in place in the US and around the world prompted advertisers to cut or decrease advertising budgets, which resulted in digital ad revenues only growing 12% y-o-y in Q1. Although this is still impressive growth, the IAB notes that not only is it lower than the 17.2% y-o-y growth seen in Q1 2019, but it is also the slowest year-over-year growth since Q1 2010, when revenues only increased by 8.6%. The full report can be found here. Read More:

eters' Paid Social Plans in 2020

Social Media Marketers Concentrate Their Paid Ad Efforts on Facebook and Instagram

Although social media users aren’t quite as keen on Facebook as they used to be, a full 70% of marketers surveyed for a report by Social Media Examiner say they are regularly using Facebook ads. 55% of marketers say they plan to increase their use of Facebook ads in the near future, and 55% intend to increase their efforts on Instagram ads. Read More:

Advertising Strategy Challenges

These Are the Top Goals and Challenges Involved in Programmatic Ad-Buying

Here are some of the top goals and challenges faced by marketers engaged in programmatic advertising. Previous research has found that potential challenges extend beyond those cited in Ascend2’s survey – in 2018, Ad Perceptions revealed that a growing number of programmatic advertisers were concerned with fraud, viewability and non-human traffic associated with programmatic ad-buying, as well as other brand safety concerns. Read More:

2B Buyers Value in Salespeople

B2B Buyers Value These Traits in Salespeople

The top traits that B2B buyers value in salespeople do not always align with what sales managers look for when hiring, with 42% of buyers valuing active listening but just 26% of sales managers valuing this trait. In the survey of more than 500 buyers and 500 salespeople, active listening was cited as the #1 trait that buyers value in salespeople with problem-solving at #2. Other top traits included confidence at #3, relationship building at #4 and oral communications at #5. All these traits make for mutually-valuable calls between buyers and salespeople – a practice common among top B2B salespeople. Read More:

Connected TV Device Ownership Continues To Rise

Leichtman says 25% of adults watch video on a TV through a stand-alone device, while 20% watch on an Internet-enabled Smart TV app, 11% watch via a connected game system, and 3% watch via a connected Blu-ray player. Leichtman says 40% of adults in US TV households watch video on a TV via a connected device daily, versus 29% in 2018, 12% in 2015, and 1% in 2010.Results are based on a survey conducted in April-May 2020 of about 2,000 adults ages 18 years and older, with a random sample of respondents weighted to best reflect the demographic and geographic makeup of the U.S., comprised of 1,200 online and about 800 via phone calls, with a statistical margin of error of +/- 2.2%.. Read More:

Why Documentation is Unpopular

The lifecycle of tribal knowledge writing things down1. As the group grows and breaks off to do other things, someone may become the go-to person for questions. Read More:

xecuting ABM Programs At Scale

Marketers and Salespeople Confident in ABM As the Right Strategy, but Struggle to Execute Programs at Scale

In a new report from Campaign Stars, Folloze and Terminus in partnership with Canam Research, a larger share of sales professionals and marketers expressed a low degree than a high degree of confidence in their ability to execute ABM at scale. On a more encouraging note, despite all that has been said about sales and marketing departments being siloed and alignment between these two areas being vital to the success of an ABM program, the report indicates that not only are sales departments taking an active role in making and influencing decisions about ABM solutions, they are also right out there with marketing running ABM campaigns. Read More: