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Addressable TV halves channel switching and improves ad recall, claims Sky

Addressable TV cuts channel switching by 48% and boosts ad recall by 49%, according to data from Sky. Where the frequency of addressable ads was higher or equal to linear exposure, ad recall was boosted by 49%. With eMarketer forecasting that programmatic digital video ad spend will climb from £967m in 2017 to £1.58bn this year in the UK, the figures demonstrate how addressable TV can deliver ROI on marketing spend. Read More:

US Digital and Mobile Ad Spend Share, by Industry, in 2019

These Are the Top Industries for US Digital and Mobile Ad Spend

Retail, as with overall digital ad spend and mobile ad spend, accounts for the largest portion of digital video ad spend. Retail’s portion of digital video ad spend isn’t quite as pronounced as it is with mobile and total digital ad spend. Read More:

Marketing Tactics' Effectiveness, by Funnel Section

Which Tactics Do Marketers Consider Effective At Different Stages of the Funnel?

To make matters worse, according to a report from GetResponse and Demand Metric, 7 in 10 of the more than 250 respondents surveyed report they either don’t know or have an imprecise understanding of funnel ROI. Despite this, what marketers have been able to figure out is that some tactics work better than others, depending on which part of the funnel buyers are in. Marketers may have an idea of the effectiveness of certain tactics at various stages of the funnel, but that doesn’t mean they readily use those tactics. Read More:

As walled gardens grow, the open web closes ranks

Despite the scale and ease that walled gardens can offer, advertisers too often feel they have few alternatives but to sacrifice data control and transparency. Ultimately, over-reliance on walled gardens is a missed opportunity to integrate data in a way that can capture a persistent identity across channels, devices and content to create a unified experience for the consumer. Read More:

Here are the benefits of programmatic advertising

Today, the majority of marketers make programmatic advertising a key part of their marketing strategy and is also a key component of account-based marketing. TV. Experts claim that programmatic advertising will take over a quarter of all digital media purchasing by 2020.What is programmatic media buying – and why is it useful?. Read More: