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U.s. Lawmakers Struggle To Draft Online Privacy Bill

WASHINGTON – U.S. lawmakers drafting a bill to create rules governing online privacy hope to have a discussion draft complete by late May with a Senate committee vote during the summer and are intensifying efforts, but disputes are likely to push that timetable back, according to sources knowledgeable about the matter. That may be delayed if they fail to reach agreement with Democrats who are determined to ensure that the bill does not weaken, and then pre-empt, a California online privacy bill that goes into effect next year. Read More:

Poll: 69.4% of Americans wanted privacy regulation

And that was in 1999. Not much has changed in 20 years. Back then, having a privacy policy was the rage (or lack of one caused rage). The enclosed MBInteractive poll received over 9,000 responses to the privacy survey. An overwhelmingly majority (92.6%) wanted the option to give permission to third parties before sharing data. But not many Americans were interested in a service to manage and exchange that data (39.7%). Has the time for privacy in the U.S. finally come?