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ctors for Multichannel

‘Data accuracy top factor for multichannel campaign success’

THESE ARE CONSIDERED THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTORS IN ACHIEVING MULTICHANNEL CAMPAIGN ROI: In PFL and Demand Metric’s latest report on the state of multichannel marketing, almost two-thirds of respondents report a good response rate, detailing the key factors needed to run a successful multichannel campaign. In the survey of more than 550 professionals in marketing, sales and the C-suite, data accuracy was rated the most important out of a selection of multichannel campaign success factors. Read More:

commendations for Consumers

Which Recommendation Types Do Consumers Find Most Compelling?

Research has shown that the right product recommendations can be extremely powerful, so it’s instructive to see which types of recommendations consumers find the most impactful. The data-sharing required by many personalization methods potentially raises privacy concerns among respondents; when filling out profile forms a plurality of consumers only fill in what is required. Read More:

Data-Driven Personalization: Objectives

How Are Marketers Getting Their Data for Personalization Efforts?

While 4 in 10 of respondents to Ascend2’s survey say they most often use data-driven personalization on their website homepage, fewer respondents are using personalization beyond the homepage. Only 31% use data-driven personalization on campaign landing pages, while fewer use personalization on their product or pricing detail pages. Read More:

How Are Businesses Going About Retaining Their Customers?

While Brightback’s survey focuses on larger companies, a report by The Manifest found that only 6% of the more than 500 small business owners and managers surveyed say they are concentrating most on retaining their current customers. B2B respondents have a more split view of priorities, with a one-third share saying they look to educate customers to facilitate usage and mastery of their service, with a similar proportion saying that onboarding new customers effectively is their top customer retention priority for this year. Read More:

Customer Lifetime Value Is A Priority. So What Are Marketers Doing About It?

Do marketers think of the long game when it comes to their customers? Maybe not, as only one-third of survey respondents report that customer lifetime value is a measurable and reported KPI for their company, per a report from Econsultancy and RedEye. Despite the relatively low percentage of companies measuring and reporting CLV, the majority of respondents say that it is either a high priority or medium priority. Read More: