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Google, Digital Platforms Hit With Probe Into Ad Practices By UK CMA

Those include to what extent online platforms have market power in user-facing markets, and what impact this has on consumers, whether consumers are able and willing to control how data about them is used and collected by online platforms, and whether competition in the digital advertising market may be distorted by any market power held by platforms. These include the ability to increase competition from data mobility and open standards; the ability to give consumers greater protection when it comes to collecting their data; limiting the ability of large platforms to dominate a market; and improved transparency for digital advertising and providers. Read More:

Google still plans to kill Chrome’s existing adblock APIs

Earlier this year, Google got the internet riled up when it tentatively planned to remove the APIs that content blocking extensions – including ad blockers – use. Google has been working on Manifest V3 for a while now, with both new functionality and changes to existing browser features. Read More:

IAB Matrix is a good first attempt at clarifying the new digital “TV” world.

EMPOWERING THE MARKETING AND MEDIA INDUSTRIES TO THRIVE IN THE DIGITAL ECONOMY: We’re seeing the previously siloed worlds of linear TV and digital video coming closer and closer together, driven in part by buyer’s increasingly hybrid digital/linear budgets and the need for more unified multi-platform buying. More than 8 in 10 advertisers agree that a unified multi-platform buying solution is important, according to the IAB 2019 Video Advertising Spend Report. Read More:

Why don’t more newspapers swap newsprint rolls for tablets?

ARKANSAS NEWSPAPER GAMBLES ON FREE IPADS AS THE FUTURE: More than 70% of the Blytheville subscribers converted to the digital version, a figure that, if replicated statewide, is enough for the paper to turn a profit, which Hussman expects will be in 2020. Hussman has said he’s willing to spend $12 million on the tablets, or about 36,400 iPads, which retail for $329. At the current lowest subscription rate of $34 a month, that would generate about $14.8 million in revenue per year, which Hussman said would turn a profit after expenses. Read More: