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How to Mentor Yourself Out of a Job Tech Career Insights

If you find yourself short in any characteristic, either takes steps before you begin to improve that skill or verbalize to your mentee at the beginning of the relationship that you’ll be working on yourself at the same time. Not only will you free yourself up, but you will also undoubtedly improve and showcase the leadership skills that identify you as a good candidate to make those moves. Read More:

23 Daily Habits Practiced by Highly Successful People

Richard Burke, president and CEO of Envoy Global, a company that uses proprietary technology to make it easier for employers and workers to pursue job opportunities across the global marketplace with over 2,000 customers ranging from start-ups to Fortune 50 companies; previously, he served as president of Christian Selchau-Hansen, cofounder and CEO of Formation, a software company that works with Fortune 500 brands to optimize the customer journey through personalized marketing experiences and has raised $30 million in funding. Read More:

Agencies are inefficient – too many spreadsheet-based processes

HOW CAN MARKETERS DECREASE WASTEFUL SPENDING?: With close to 2 in 5 marketers claiming to add new technology to their stack quarterly, marketing spend can easily be wasted by not having an efficient marketing stack. Dun & Bradstreet found similar findings within the B2B sector, with about one-third of B2B marketers naming integrating marketing and sales platforms as an obstacle to successful data-driven marketing. Read More: