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Climate Change Will Force a New American Migration

New Climate Maps Show a Transformed United States According to new data analyzed by ProPublica and The New York Times Magazine, warming temperatures, rising seas and changing rainfall will profoundly reshape the way people have lived in North America for centuries. The Latino, Asian and Black communities who live in the most-vulnerable low-lying districts will be displaced first, but research from Mathew Hauer, a sociologist at Florida State University who published some of the first modeling of American climate migration in the journal Nature Climate Change in 2017, suggests that the toll will eventually be far more widespread: Nearly 1 in 3 people here in Marin County will leave, part of the roughly 700,000 who his models suggest may abandon the broader Bay Area as a result of sea-level rise alone. Read More:

Where You Live in The US Is Linked to Certain Personality Traits, Study Finds

Living at higher altitudes in the US may shape your psychology in strange ways, a new study reveals, showing a distinct link between living in elevated, mountainous regions and certain personality traits. To determine potential links between physical topography and human personality across the US, the researchers analysed data from the Gosling-Potter Internet Personality Project: a large-scale ongoing online survey of personality data, which began back in 1999, and was devised by members of Götz’s team. Read More:

How to Know if You’re an Asshole

While it’s certainly fun to read in a gawking-at-a-car-crash kinda way, the forum focuses on bespoke conundrums of assholic behavior rather than establishing baseline ground rules for easily determining if you are, generally, an asshole. In short: If you are boarding a train without letting disembarking passengers exit it first, you are an asshole. Read More:

Save the Gaiters!

A number of variables, such as the volume of the mask wearer’s voice and whether the mask has become moist, might explain why the Duke study showed unusual results during the single gaiter test. The single layer gaiter blocked only 10 percent of 0.5-micron particles, while the two-layer gaiter blocked 20 percent. Read More:

‘Do you trust corporate milk? “Factory farm” milk has grown from 10% to 50% in 25 years’

MEGAMILK: CHARTING CONSOLIDATION IN THE U.S. DAIRY INDUSTRY: Land typeLand useLand area Forests27?2,400 mi² Shrubland24t8,800 mi² Agriculture17S0,400 mi² Grasslands and Pasture17S0,400 mi² Wetlands56,000 mi² Other56,000 mi² Open Space3?,600 mi² Urban Areas2c,400 mi² Total100%3,120,000 mi². The U.S. population is set to grow by 100 million more people over the coming decades, raising the pressure on limited U.S. land and natural resources. Read More: