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New DMNS Exhibit Toys With The Concept Of LEGOs As Art

The exhibit features more than 100 works created by Sawaya spanning his entire career, including original works and representations of historical art. In his Los Angeles studio, Sawaya has a stockpile of more than 10 million LEGO pieces, all lined up along the walls in clear, plastic boxes and sorted by shape and color. Read More:

‘Extend clothing life by washing cold, short cycle’

SELECT RIGHT WASH CYCLE FOR CLOTHES: Procter & Gamble funded a study of wash cycle length that found colder and shorter is better for clothes. Scientists from the University of Leeds-and, it should be mentioned, Procter & Gamble-say the best way to keep clothes looking fresh for as long as possible is to use the coldest, shortest wash cycle. Read More:

The Prison Was Built to Hold 1,500 Inmates. It Had Over 2,000 Coronavirus Cases.

A Times analysis found a 68% increase in prison and jail cases in May. In light of this, experts are going further than calling for case-by-case releases, acknowledging that prisons simply have to hold fewer people overall. Jason Thompson described to ProPublica how he and other inmates are getting news about their own coronavirus outbreak from outside the prison. Read More:

Taking up a hobby may help stave off depression

New United Kingdom research has found that taking up a hobby could reduce the risk of developing depression and help those who suffer from a period of depression recover. FEATURED STORIES. TECHNOLOGY. TECHNOLOGY. TECHNOLOGY. A further analysis of participants who did not have depression or a hobby at the beginning of the study also showed that taking up a hobby was associated with a 32% reduced chance of developing depression. Read More:

How to Choose a Fulfilling Career

The question for today’s graduates is not whether they could have passed Mischel’s marshmallow test; they just passed their own version of it by working and sacrificing to get their diplomas. He had worked away for years in his career to get some fabulous reward, and then realized that there wasn’t much reward ahead at all, just aging and death. Read More:

‘Buy new experiences, not stuff to be more happy’

NEW AND DIVERSE EXPERIENCES LINKED TO ENHANCED HAPPINESS, NEW STUDY SHOWS: New and diverse experiences are linked to enhanced happiness, and this relationship is associated with greater correlation of brain activity, new research has found. The MRI results showed that people for whom this effect was the strongest-those whose exposure to diverse experiences was more strongly associated with positive feeling-exhibited greater correlation between brain activity in the hippocampus and the striatum. Read More: