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‘This technology needs to be available everywhere!’

KENYAN RECYCLES PLASTIC WASTE INTO BRICKS STRONGER THAN CONCRETE: 2 Min Read.NAIROBI – Nzambi Matee hurls a brick hard against a school footpath constructed from bricks made of recycled plastic that her factory turns out in the Kenyan capital. Matee gets the waste from packaging factories for free, although she pays for the plastic she gets from other recyclers. Read More:

Climate change “may have played a key role” in coronavirus pandemic, study says

Given the findings of his research on how climate reshaped the region, Beyer feels climate change can be a significant driver. While there is some caution in the scientific community about the specific impact of climate change on the current coronavirus pandemic, there is widespread agreement that, in the future, climate change will be a growing driver of emerging infectious disease and pandemics. Read More:

The connection between play and creative innovation in the workplace

Learning through play helps us to embrace uncertainty around change, provide support in our approaches to creativity, and ultimately, enhance our workplace collaborations and the innovative potential that creative leaders can cultivate. Just as we cannot overlook the impact of learning through play and creativity during our early years, we must also engage in play and creativity in our adult years, as professionals, in order to continue cultivating our abilities to learn and adapt. Read More:

These 6 browser extensions will protect your privacy online

We’ve tried and tested six browser extensions that will immediately improve your privacy online by blocking most of the invisible ads and trackers. ClearURLs, available for Chrome, Firefox and Edge, sits in your browser and silently removes the tracking junk from every link in your browser and your inbox. Read More:

12 Ultra-Convenient Handy Hints

Create a clamp that’s perfect for holding edge materials in place with just a spring clamp and two rubber bands. Just slide the ends of the bands through the holes in the sides of the spring clamp, and then loop them around the end of the clamp to hold them in place. Read More:

The Most Famous Wildfire Photograph Ever Taken

The photo was taken on August 6, 2000, by John McColgan who was a fire behavior expert working under a cooperative agreement with the Bureau of Land Management and attached to an Alaskan Type I Incident Management Team on a Montana wildfire. The famous photo was taken on a Sunday, in the late evening where several fires burned together near Sula, Montana and turned into one large 100,000-acre wildfire. Read More: