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Lean startups and methodology for product development and business operation.


How the Customer Interview Illuminates Innovation

Today, more than 20 years since Michaels schooled Blank on understanding customers, there is a new formal process to the one-on-one customer interview. The customer interview is not about you or your product but rather about them, uncovering their needs and their unmet desires. Read More:

Large Companies Will Be The Biggest Beneficiaries Of The Lean Startup Movement

To succeed in the third wave, companies will have to make large financial investments, form partnerships with other companies and influence government policy. In the last decade, startup folks have gotten real cocky and started talking about disruption and how their new agile-lean methods of innovation were helping them move faster and create better products than large companies. Read More:

From Zero to IPO: How Growth Needs to Evolve at Every Startup Stage

For the founders tossing and turning over customer acquisition and retention, Rothenberg’s opening up about the lessons he’s learned from supercharging growth at every stage of scaling. Goals: Develop a growth model and growth loops, instill a growth mindset across the company. Read More: