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Shark Tank deep dive: A data analysis of all 10 seasons

Looking back at all of this got us curious: How much is the average Shark Tank deal? Are certain entrepreneurs more likely to make deals than others? What types of products are the most successful historically? Which sharks throw down the largest sums of money, and what do they invest in?. A look at the highest and lowest valuations in Shark Tank history shows that from this point onward, deals began to skyrocket in size – and the overwhelming majority of the show’s biggest deals went to male entrepreneurs. Read More:

The Most Important Entrepreneurs of the Past Decade

Founders are good at explaining what their companies do, but not always what they are. The founders, veterans of big advertising, launched the agency in 2007, excited by the idea of working with startups in utero-almost as members of their clients’ founding teams. Read More:

Remembering the startups we lost in 2019

For our purposes, we’re focusing here on independent startups, not digital initiatives from larger companies – though in at least one case, the startup was acquired by a larger company before shutting down. Daqri was, at one point, speaking with a large private equity firm about financing ahead of a potential IPO, but as the technical realities facing other AR companies came to light, the firm backed out and the deal crumbled, according to earlier TechCrunch reporting. Read More: