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Lean startups and methodology for product development and business operation.


Searchable database of Business Insider pitch decks

For years, Business Insider has been publishing individual pitch decks to give readers an inside look at startups’ business strategies and how successful young companies showcased themselves to the investors who then decided to back them. This trove of more than 150 pitch decks tracked down by Business Insider reporters over the years covers startups at various stages of their quest for capital, from seed-stage fundraisings to later growth-stage funding rounds for companies seeking to go public. Read More:

How Much is an Idea Alone Worth?

Aren’t great startups born from great ideas?. Came up with a great startup idea? What next? Neeraj Joshi, Head of Product at Spinny – India’s largest dedicated portal for pre-owned cars – outlines 6 key steps to validate your business idea. Read More:

Summary of Traction book by Gabriel Weinberg and Justin Mares

You should include columns like how many customers are available, conversion rate, the cost to acquire a customer, lifetime value of a customer for every given strategy. If your customer refers a new customer within the first week, you’ll go from ten customers to twenty and double every week without any additional marketing. Read More: