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Lean startups and methodology for product development and business operation.


How To Launch A Successful Startup?

We have compiled a step-by-step guide for launching a startup and will answer the most popular questions about the main problems of a startup. The main thing is to launch the product on the market gradually: for example, first launch one batch and receive feedback. Read More:

One Lean Startup Experiment Per Week

Firstly, one lean startup experiment per week is achievable for any team in any context. While the benchmark of one lean startup experiment / research per week has been consistently achievable by almost every team we’ve worked with, there is one other consideration: Momentum. Read More:

These are the top Y Combinator companies of all time, based on valuation

While the top ten companies remain largely the same from 2018, a few of them have danced around a bit while others have disappeared entirely. Most of the companies on the list are at least 4 or 5 years old, which makes sense – it’s pretty uncommon for companies to hit massive, record breaking valuations right out of the gate. Read More:

‘Sleeping at the right times, such as the night before ideation and evaluation tasks, will improve outcomes.’

ENTREPRENEURS WHO SLEEP MORE ARE BETTER AT SPOTTING GOOD IDEAS: Two of the three ideas had both superficial and structural alignment, meaning that these ideas were more promising for commercial success. Compared to well-rested entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs who slept less the previous night frequently ranked the ill-conceived idea above one or both other two ideas. Read More: