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But Not Fast Enough For Climate Change

Writing a book about forests unable to outrun climate change may sound grim, but St. George says he still finds reasons for optimism. You know, climate change is going to have these really dramatic effects on forests. Read More:

House Sends Major Public Lands Bill To Trump’s Desk

The House of Representatives on Wednesday passed a sweeping public lands package to fix crumbling national park infrastructure and permanently fund a decades-old conservation program, sending the legislation to President Donald Trump for final approval. Immediately after the Senate passed the bill in June, Trump’s Interior Secretary, David Bernhardt, tweeted a testy letter to Grijalva that suggested the Arizona lawmaker and other Democrats would stand in the way of passing a clean bill. Read More:

Survey Finds Broad Support For Government Action On Climate

Two-thirds of Americans think the federal government should be doing more to reduce the impacts of climate change, according to a new Pew Research Center survey. Geography also shapes views on climate impacts, the survey suggests, with Americans who live near a coastline being more likely than those who live further away to say climate change is affecting their community. Read More:

The Arctic Circle Hit 101°F Saturday, Its Hottest Temperature Ever

While the temperature has to be verified by experts, if it stands, it will be the hottest temperature ever recorded in the Arctic Circle. The average increase in temperature on Earth over the past 40 years is 1.44°F. In comparison, the Arctic has warmed by more than 3.5°F during the same period, more than double the global average. Read More:

Trump seeks to scale back environmental reviews for projects

ADVERTISEMENT.In anticipation of Trump’s executive order, environmental groups said sidestepping environmental review requirements would hurt many of the same communities already suffering the most from the pandemic. Environmental groups contend the Trump administration is gaming costs and benefit calculations in its loosening of environmental and public health protections, considering them differently in different cases as needed to justify emissions rollbacks for power plants, vehicles and other pollution sources. Read More:

Researchers Unveil a Sodium-Ion Battery That Rivals Commercial Lithium-Ion Models

Researchers have produced one of the best sets of results so far for a sodium-ion battery, one that holds as much energy as lithium-ion, and performs as well as some commercial lithium-ion batteries. Over the course of 1,000 cycles, the new Na-ion battery still retains over 80 percent of its charge – not enough to make its way into your smartphone just yet, but a huge step forward for the alternative battery technology, and one that promises more advances in the future. Read More:

‘Don’t forget: Climate change is waiting for Coronavirus to pass’

AMERICA’S LONGEST RIVER WAS RECENTLY DRIER THAN DURING THE DUST BOWL. AND IT’S BOUND TO HAPPEN AGAIN.: For the first decade of the century, the Upper Missouri River Basin was the driest it’s been in 1,200 years, even more parched than during the disastrous Dust Bowl of the 1930s, a new study says. The drop in water level at the mouth of the Missouri – the country’s longest river – was due to rising temperatures linked to climate change that reduced the amount of snowfall in the Rocky Mountains in Montana and North Dakota, scientists found. Read More: