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Interior Department Disregards Public Comments, Analysis Suggests

The Trump Administration’s Interior Department has largely ignored public comment on proposed rule changes, according to an analysis from the Center for Western Priorities. Prentice-Dunn says many of the comments were similar, but the overall analysis is reflective of the comments made available by the Department of Interior. Read More:

Would you miss tiny bottles of shampoo in hotel bathrooms?

Major hotel brands are promising to get rid of one of the most recognizable elements of the hotel experience: tiny bottles of shampoo and conditioner. Will you miss the tiny bottles you can take home as souvenirs? Or are you more likely to stay at a hotel that is getting rid of them to help the environment?. Read More:

New Monitoring Program Hopes To Boost Science On Colorado River Headwaters

A new federal program hopes to fill in knowledge gaps on how water moves through the headwaters of arguably the West’s most important drinking and irrigation water source. Observations within the Colorado and Gunnison river headwaters can also be used to inform decisions in other, smaller snow-fed basins in the West as well, Wagner said. Read More:

‘I’m not sure the benefit outweighs the many, complex consequences…there has to be a better alternative’

CAN RESEARCHERS TAKE THE ‘FOREVER’ OUT OF ‘FOREVER CHEMICALS’?: A group of chemicals called PFAS are common in firefighting foams, as well as household products like rain jackets, pizza boxes and non-stick pots and pans. Liu said researchers are working on a number of options for separating the problem chemicals from water, and also for destroying them. Read More:

Prime The Pump: New Report Hypes Heat Pumps To Help Decarbonize Buildings

Heat pumps offer one of the best ways to cut carbon in homes and commercial buildings, energy and climate experts say in a new report. According to the EPA, commercial and residential buildings account for roughly 12 percent of greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S. Bruce Nilles, a building electrification expert with the Rocky Mountain Institute, says heat pumps represent a win-win solution. Read More: