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Conservation Group Prepares To Launch Massive Endangered Species Act Lawsuit

A nonprofit conservation group is launching what it says is one of the largest lawsuits ever brought under the Endangered Species Act. In a letter to the agency, the Center of Biological Diversity said the agency has 60 days to either release its findings on species awaiting a listing determination or create a legally binding timeline to do so. Read More:

Montana Residents Ask Supreme Court To Allow Cleanup Beyond Superfund Requirements

Peter Tolsdorf, vice president of litigation at the National Association of Manufacturers, one of several industry groups backing Arco in the case, says the Montana Supreme Court’s ruling disrupts the certainty Superfund requires to be effective. MOTT: Residents say there’s still too much arsenic in the soil and want Arco to go beyond what the Superfund agreement requires. Read More:

Digesting Thanksgiving Leftovers: One Utah Facility Turning Food Waste Into Energy

In North Salt Lake, Utah, is already taking in more than 350 tons of food waste every day, and it’s only at half capacity. While it started taking some food in February 2019, Morgan Bowerman said that the last few pieces of the facility will be in place in the next few weeks and the facility will be ready to take on more waste – and produce more natural gas. Read More:

Big Companies Bet On Cleaner Power From Pig Poop Ponds

What’s left is almost pure methane, also called natural gas, ready to burn in any gas-fired home furnace or electric power plant. That’s the key to this business: People or companies who are trying to reduce their carbon emissions will pay extra for it – perhaps twice as much as regular natural gas. Read More:

Global Winds Pick Up, Boosting Wind Farms

A new study shows that global wind speeds have increased in the last decade, and that may allow wind turbines in the Mountain West to generate more clean energy. Searchinger said roughly half of the uptick in wind energy production efficiency over the last decade or so can be attributed to this increase in wind speed, while the other half is probably due to improved technology. Read More: