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Super Bowl 2019 Data

Data from Super Bowl 52 revealed that brand recall was on the rise, as 78% of viewers were able to correctly identify the brands behind the ads. Read More:

These Brands Enjoyed the Best Word-of-Mouth in 2018

The study measures the consumer perception of brands by asking first whether they have heard of the brand at some point during the past 2 weeks, and in an approach similar to Net Promoter Score, then subtracts the percentage who report they have heard something negative from the proportion who have heard positive comments. Read More:

Sports OTT Landscape in the US

What sports can US consumers access via streaming? Each of the four top sports leagues offers a direct-to-consumer streaming plan, ranging from standalone services such as MLB.TV to NFL’s Sunday Ticket, which is tethered to DirecTV satellite customers and, as its name implies, limited to Sunday games. Read More: