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Uncle Builds Rollercoaster in Backyard for Nephew During Quarantine

A creative uncle made his nephew’s dream come true by building a rollercoaster in his backyard based on the 11-year-old’s drawings. Leigh Downing, 47, and his son Charlie, 20, used the sketches made by his nephew Calden Ashley to construct the 230-foot-long big dipper, according to SWNS. They used plastic pipes for the rails and bits of scrap metal and wood to make the frame of the coaster. Read More:

4 Easy Ways to Teach Kids Empathy

Rather than feeling daunted by the massive list of nuanced feelings we experience, focus on helping kids learn the six basic emotions first: Anger, Disgust, Fear, Happiness, Sadness, and Surprise. It’s great for kids to see that we feel strong emotions of all kinds, can talk about it, and can find productive ways of processing and working with them. Read More:

‘Look on the Bright Side of Kid Quarantine’

NEW STUDY SHOWS SURPRISING POSITIVE EFFECTS OF QUARANTINE: Recently, Amazon Kids & Family teamed up with Engine Insights to ask families about quarantine habits, and the results are surprisingly positive. Overall, 49% of parents said the most positive outcome was spending more time together as a family. Read More:

A smarter, easier way to shop for kids’ shoes

Answer a few questions about your child and their favorite shoe and our team can determine exactly what size will be the perfect fit for your child in every brand or style. Our sizing team reviews your fit quiz answers, looks at the measurements of the specific shoe you purchased, and sends the correct size. Read More:

5 Distance Learning Tips From A Globetrotting, Homeschooling Mom Of 3

Below, the master multi-tasking mama to Zayan, 13, Kenza, 10, and Kaysan, 8, shares her top 5 distance learning tips for the road ahead!. Regardless of how much you and your child want to lean into the school’s plan of distance learning or apply your own homeschooling rigor, the more organized you are, the more independence and seamlessness you can expect as you begin a loosely structured routine. Read More: