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Chemicals called SVOCs, emitted from household objects, are altering children’s microbiomes

In a recent paper published in Environmental Science and Technology Letters, researchers from Duke University found a connection between bacteria and fungi in the digestive tracts of children and the amount of volatile household chemicals found in their homes. Children’s health is an important area of research for studying the effects of harmful chemicals, because young children are typically more exposed to chemicals than older children and adults. Read More:

Do This When Your Kid Stares at People With Disabilities

Kids are naturally curious—this is a wonderful thing. But they also haven’t mastered social cues. This can make parents uncomfortable. Daniel T. Willingham is the father of 15-year-old Esprit, who has a rare chromosomal disorder called trisomy-18. She cannot walk or speak. Cognitively, she’s comparable to a 9-month-old. Over the years, Willingham has seen the same thing happen time and again: a mom or dad will catch their young child staring at Esprit, and immediately look embarrassed. They might try to distract their child, or move them away. Perhaps they’ll admonish out of earshot, “It’s not nice to stare.” Read More: