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A smarter, easier way to shop for kids’ shoes

Answer a few questions about your child and their favorite shoe and our team can determine exactly what size will be the perfect fit for your child in every brand or style. Our sizing team reviews your fit quiz answers, looks at the measurements of the specific shoe you purchased, and sends the correct size. Read More:

5 Distance Learning Tips From A Globetrotting, Homeschooling Mom Of 3

Below, the master multi-tasking mama to Zayan, 13, Kenza, 10, and Kaysan, 8, shares her top 5 distance learning tips for the road ahead!. Regardless of how much you and your child want to lean into the school’s plan of distance learning or apply your own homeschooling rigor, the more organized you are, the more independence and seamlessness you can expect as you begin a loosely structured routine. Read More:

8 Easy Ways to Get Your Kids to Eat More Vegetables

Expand your kid’s palates by adding more vegetables such as corn, spinach, and sweet potatoes into their meals. What’s the best way to show them that? Eat them yourselves, of course! If they see their parents or siblings eat vegetables on a daily basis, then they’ll think it’s the most natural thing in the world to do. Read More:

The Case Against Tickling

So what do parents need to know? Is there a right way to tickle our kids, and what are the dangers if we get it wrong? How do we tickle without violating boundaries? And should we be tickling at all?. In 1897, in what’s considered a classic paper on the subject, psychologists G. Stanley Hall and Arthur Allin split tickling into two categories: high-pressure, finger-in-the-ribs tickling that brings on laughter called gargalesis – that’s the kind Austrew and Crawshaw described. Read More:

‘Focus on slowing down screen time, audio only and non-violent experiences’

I WAS A SCREEN TIME EXPERT. THEN THE CORONAVIRUS HAPPENED.: My point being: I have never, ever, spent this much time with my children, or anyone’s children, as I have over the past four months during shelter-in-place orders. A lot of popular video games and many children’s apps have bells and whistles that can make them very hard to stop playing and also can hurt our children’s developing attentiveness. Read More:

What Parents Can Learn From Child Care Centers That Stayed Open During Lockdowns

Throughout the pandemic, many child care centers have stayed open for the children of front-line workers – everyone from doctors to grocery store clerks. In a separate, unscientific survey of child care centers, Brown University economist Emily Oster found that, as of Tuesday afternoon, among 916 centers serving more than 20,000 children, just over 1% of staff and 0.16% of children were confirmed infected with the coronavirus. Read More: