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Teaching Your Child About Climate Change

As we struggle to improve our own climate literacy, the inundation of messaging on the topic has made it more important than ever to start the conversation about climate change and global warming with our children. Not only does this engage your child and give them ownership and accountability, but these behaviors create the perfect opportunity to reiterate the positive impact your child is already having on climate change. Read More:

“Don’t overcommit and limit what your kids do”

3 TIPS FOR FINDING THE HOLY GRAIL OF WORK, LIFE, AND KID BALANCE: You can look to the excuse that there’s just not enough time in the day for everything or you can evaluate what needs to change in order to bring balance to your role as a working mom. It’s time we stop beating ourselves up because we can’t do multiple things at the same time with total perfection. Read More:

How do you get your toddler started learning social skills?

Emotional intelligence – defined as the ability to manage one’s own emotions and relate well with others – will be a crucial factor throughout your child’s life in his or her eventual academic and career success, probably more important than IQ. So how do you get your toddler started learning social skills? Or at least stop him from clobbering the other kids in the playgroup?. If you can stay calm yourself, and soothe your child, she will eventually learn to soothe herself, which is the first step in learning to manage her feelings. Read More:

How to Introduce the Concept of Charity to Your Kids

So how can you start the conversation with your child about charity and giving back?. One of the most important financial lessons a child can learn is that money can do good! Once your child understands the importance of charity, and are incorporating it in their daily activities, giving financially will make sense to them. Read More: