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Celebrate gratitude on Thanksgiving with your kids.

Here are 13 proven gratitude practices that will help you invent your own meaningful family gratitude traditions, for Thanksgiving and beyond. During the meal, clink your glass, make a toast of gratitude that you all get to be together, and then go around the table, each person talking about something for which they feel gratitude. Read More:

‘Myth: Secondhand Car Seats are Dangerous’

IS THERE ANY DATA THAT SAYS SECONDHAND CAR SEATS AREN’T SAFE?: The manufacturers of child car seats aren’t shy about promoting the idea that older seats are a hazard that should be kept from the secondhand markets. I asked the process by which they determine the safe lifespan of a safety seat, whether materials manufacturers are consulted, whether the manufacturers rely on any data or studies to determine expiration dates, and when expirations were first attached to seats. Read More:

Nurture your child’s sense of wonder and magic.

Whether trying to make sense of the human heart or the mysteries of the universe, children are asking us to help them integrate this information into their world view. You might even argue that the natural wonder and magic children find in nature is the beginning of spirituality. Read More:

What to Tell Your Toddler Instead of ‘No’

If you’re really good at this, your alternative will sound better than the thing they initially wanted. You’ll have to be pretty quick on your feet to pull these off and sometimes the kid is just going to want the show or the playground and nothing else will do. Read More: