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Product Discovery: ​A Practical Guide for Agile Teams

This complexity of research efforts is what informs my own belief that Product Teams need to invest in their own Product Discovery Toolbox. This phase of your Product Discovery process is crucial for turning your ambitions into results: It’s time to prepare and transition the ideas into Product Delivery. Read More:

Why Startups Make Major Pivots Before They Succeed

The Rise of the Perpetual PivotIf you ask why companies make major changes to their product on their way from idea to pilot to every subsequent version after that, the short answer is: Because they can. Execution: The Right Product Built and Fulfilled EffectivelyNot all pivots are about pivoting away from disaster; some pivots are about pivoting toward opportunity. Read More:

Everything You Need to Know About Freemium Pricing

Freemium to Premium: 6 Conversion TechniquesIn keeping with the theme of freemium tactics, this great post from Paddle offers six examples of freemium conversion techniques executed nicely. The Best Way to Win the Freemium Model Is by Challenging the Very Model ItselfIn their freemium plan, AWS offers a year’s worth of micro instance for free-a time-bound freemium model. Read More:

The ‘No Code’ Delusion

Many No Code advocates are building significant systems by pulling together off-the-shelf applications and integrating them. There are a large number of systems available, some of which are extremely advanced – as an example, you can define extremely complex software in Salesforce Cloud, without having to write a single line of code. Read More: