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‘This triumvirate of skills (customer innovation, vision and strategy, and ability to make hard decisions) is what I call “Founder’s Feel”‘

WHAT MAKES FOR A GOOD PRODUCT MANAGER?: Does it require too many taps/clicks? Is the product copy unclear? Does it meet the stipulated customer needs? Is the cognitive load too high? Is the information hierarchy correct? These are the sorts of questions that a good product manager will ask when working through prototypes. Most customers were investing and planning for something several years or even decades down the road. I pointed out earlier that a great product manager understands customer feedback first and foremost. Read More:

The Product-Minded Software Engineer

Over my last ten years of product management, I’ve come to conclude that product engineers are a critical ingredient to helping you build a successful product, scale yourself and become a better product manager. Asking a lot of product questions, take time to build this relationship and make it clear to your product manager, that you’d like to get more involved in product topics. Read More:

Is Your Agile Team Accidentally Practicing ‘AgileFall’?

As the name implies, Agile is meant to be super-reactive to the circumstances-which is great in office environments in which project requirements can change in a very short period of time, even after a product has been launched. Agile or Waterfall won’t magically fix a bad project manager, for instance. Read More:

There is a good process in here for defining the MVP.

HOW TO CREATE A PRODUCT ROADMAP: STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE AND FREE: A product roadmap organizes important product information in one place for key people. Since creating a product is a massive adventure, let’s define a product roadmap in terms of a smaller adventure. Read More: