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Google details AI that classifies chest X-rays with human-level accuracy

In an effort to move forward the goalpost with respect to X-ray image classification, researchers at Google devised AI models to spot four findings on human chest X-rays: pneumothorax, nodules and masses, fractures, and airspace opacities. As for the second corpus, it’s the publicly available ChestX-ray14 image set released by the National Institutes of Health, which has historically served as a resource for AI efforts but which suffers shortcomings in accuracy. Read More:

How Microsoft is trying to become more innovative

These projects often focus on machine learning and artificial intelligence, and since Microsoft is on a mission to infuse all of its products with more AI smarts, it’s no surprise that it’s also seeking ways to integrate Microsoft Research’s innovations into the rest of the company. It’s worth stressing that Microsoft AI, which launched about two years ago, marks the first time there’s a business, marketing and product management team associated with Microsoft Research, so the team does get a lot of insights into upcoming technologies. Read More:

Tiny, privately owned satellites are changing how we view the Earth

One day, there could be enough satellites in orbit to provide total persistent overhead coverage – an-on demand photo of any spot on the earth at any time, weather permitting. The U.S. government limits the resolution of commercial satellite photos to ensure American spies still have the best pictures, and so the satellites cannot be used to snap close-ups of backyard sunbathers. Read More:

Scientists make cars lithium-ion batteries charge in 10 min

That could soon change: Penn State engineers have just figured out how to charge car batteries in 10 minutes for 200-300 miles of driving. The culprit was lithium plating, which is when deposits form on anode surfaces when batteries are charged at under 50 degrees Celsius. Read More: