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This hand-tracking algorithm could lead to sign language recognition

With luck other researchers will be able to take this and run with it, perhaps improving existing systems that needed beefier hardware to do the kind of hand recognition they needed to recognize gestures. It’s a long way from here to really understanding sign language which uses both hands, facial expressions, and other cues to produce a rich mode of communication unlike any other. Read More:

Why is Amazon hiring blockchain experts for its advertising division?

A job posting on LinkedIn last week suggested that Amazon has plans to bring blockchain technology into its advertising product. The company is looking for a software development engineer with blockchain experience to join its advertising FinTech team. Read More:

Farmers Use Tech To Squeeze Every Drop From Colorado River

This U.S. Department of Agriculture station outside Greeley and other sites across the Southwest are experimenting with drones, specialized cameras and other technology to squeeze the most out of every drop of water in the Colorado River – a vital but beleaguered waterway that serves an estimated 40 million people. The federal government will release a closely watched projection Thursday on whether the Colorado River system has enough water to meet all the demands of downstream states in future years. Read More:

Verizon enables private IP network connectivity

Verizon is aiming to increase connectivity between organisations with a private IP network to more than 100 data centers worldwide. The solution leverages an API to integrate pre-provisioned Verizon Private IP bandwidth via ECX Fabric, while eliminating the need for dedicated physical connectivity. Read More: