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Philo Tv’s Ceo On The Hard Choices Behind Building A $20 Tv Bundle

When the internet-TV service Philo launched in November 2017, it had the cheapest pay-TV bundle on the market in the US. For $16 per month, people could buy a smattering of 45 entertainment TV channels, such as AMC, HGTV, Food Network, MTV, and Comedy Central, and add on a small collection of other networks for an extra $4 per month. Starting on May 6, Philo will sell only its $20-per-month bundle that has 58 channels, 13 more than the discontinued offering. Read More:

New lipstick, same pig: co-viewing measurement is still a Nielsen panel based metric!

‘A turning point’: Buyers are adopting TV-style co-viewing metrics for connected TV: Third, Nielsen’s connected TV measurement methodology has not yet been accredited by the Media Rating Council; for what it’s worth, to date only Innovid and Pixalate’s connected TV ad measurement methodologies have been accredited by the MRC. Despite those measurement concerns, ad buyers are willing to experiment with counting co-viewing impressions. Read More: