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Scientists Built a Particle Accelerator Smaller Than a Human Hair on a Chip

The world’s biggest particle accelerator, the Large Hadron Collider, is a gargantuan structure that extends underground for 17 miles and cost several billion dollars to build and operate. Now, scientists have developed a particle accelerator on the other end of the size spectrum, measuring just 30 microns across-about half the width of a human hair-according to a study published on Thursday in Science. Read More:

Learning from the bears

Grizzly bears spend many months in hibernation, but their muscles do not suffer from the lack of movement. To understand the bears’ tricks, the team led by Mugahid and Gotthardt examined muscle samples from grizzly bears both during and between the times of hibernation, which they had received from Washington State University. Read More:

Could this cross-continental flying train replace planes?

While train tracks require vast amounts of careful leveling to manage even small hills, pylons could be stuck deeper or less deep into the ground to create a level track. They could even eliminate the need to build bridges to cross short bodies of water, since the train floats in the air. Read More:

Google details AI that classifies chest X-rays with human-level accuracy

In an effort to move forward the goalpost with respect to X-ray image classification, researchers at Google devised AI models to spot four findings on human chest X-rays: pneumothorax, nodules and masses, fractures, and airspace opacities. As for the second corpus, it’s the publicly available ChestX-ray14 image set released by the National Institutes of Health, which has historically served as a resource for AI efforts but which suffers shortcomings in accuracy. Read More: