Disney Introduces Character Face Masks for Families

In addition to offering the new masks for sale, Disney will also be donating one million cloth masks to families in vulnerable and underserved communities. The masks will come in small, medium and large sizes, with plenty of patterns to choose from! Additionally, they are in alignment with the FDA’s recommendations on non-surgical, non-industrial grade face masks. Read More: redtri.com

ogists' Job Roles

What Does the Marketing Technologist Role Look Like in 2020?

What Does A Marketing Technologist Do? In terms of their day-to-day responsibilities, the survey shows that the majority of marketing technologists cite training and supporting staff on the use of marketing technology products as one of their main responsibilities. The role of marketing operations is playing an increasingly important role in marketing. Read More: marketingcharts.com

‘An Amazon Alternative?’

SHOPIFY LAUNCHES SHOP, A NEW MOBILE APP: Carl Rivera, the general manager of Shop, told me that the app is a response to a broader shift – not just from desktop to mobile commerce, but also from mobile web to native mobile apps. Shop provides customized product recommendations to each shopper, but Rivera noted that these recommendations all come from brands that you’ve already shown an interested in, either by purchasing a product from their Shopify store or by following their profiles in the app. Read More: techcrunch.com

Rice engineers: Make wastewater drinkable again

Using Houston as a model, researchers at Rice’s Brown School of Engineering have developed a plan that could reduce the need for surface water by 28% by recycling wastewater to make it drinkable once again. A schematic representation of the hybrid water supply system developed by engineers at Rice University. Read More: news.rice.edu

‘Thorough summary on how ad blocking works’

HOW DO AD BLOCKERS WORK? A GUIDE FOR PUBLISHERS: Many publishers believe that building their own ad platform means they don’t need to worry about ad blocking, because they aren’t using a third-party ad tag. Your revenue impact from ad blockers will depend on your traffic’s mixture of browser usage, ad block adoption rates, and type of ad blocker usage. Read More: adzerk.com

‘POTUS continues to retaliate against the facts’

DIRECTOR OF KEY FEDERAL VACCINE AGENCY SAYS HIS DEPARTURE WAS RETALIATION: Bright previously did not respond to repeated requests for comment on his departure by CNN. Caitlin Oakley, deputy assistant secretary at HHS, disputed Bright’s version of events. Bright had been with the agency as its influenza and Emerging Infectious Diseases Division director since 2010 before he was tapped to lead it in late 2016. Read More: amp-cnn-com.cdn.ampproject.org

‘BLM favors industry over environment to speed permits which don’t even get used.’

AS BLM EXPEDITES OIL AND GAS DRILLING PERMITS, MANY GO UNUSED, WATCHDOG FINDS: The Government Accountability Office, an independent federal government watchdog, found that between May 2016 and June 2019, the BLM cut the average time it spent reviewing oil and gas drilling applications from 196 days to 94 days. Nearly half of the approved permits are not in use – a finding that suggests the BLM’s prioritization of oil and gas permits is unnecessary. Read More: kunc.org

Will coronavirus change city architecture and design?

As the pandemic has grown, the most pressing need in architecture has been speed: the quick creation of emergency facilities like hospitals, quarantine centers, testing sites and temporary lodgings. The normal time to build a hospital is well over two years, but in February builders in Wuhan, China, the pandemic’s epicenter, used modular construction for two hospitals – the 1,000-bed Huoshenshan facility and the 1,600-bed Leishenshan Hospital – in about two weeks. Read More: latimes.com