Survival by Degrees: 389 Species on the Brink

By stabilizing carbon emissions and holding warming to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels, 76 percent of vulnerable species will be better off, and nearly 150 species would no longer be vulnerable to extinction from climate change. Click the three different warming scenarios to explore how increased warming makes more species vulnerable. Read More:

What Obstacles Are Preventing US Agency and Marketing Professionals from Using More Over-the-Top (OTT) Ads? 

Connected TV Ad Spending Limitations

An ad buyer considering connected TV has the option to buy from multiple sources, such as streaming device manufacturers, makers of smart TVs, content aggregators, programmatic ad exchanges and broadcast networks. Tom Fochetta, vice president of advertising sales at Samsung Ads, argued that rather than buying from multiple sources, ad buyers should look for products that have the ability to buy from multiple publishers through a single platform. Read More:

‘So long as adtech is ‘open’ fraud and enforcement will be an issue.’

THE LATEST TREND IN AD TECH FRAUD: FAKING GDPR CONSENT STRINGS: It’s also been a bone of contention with ad tech vendors who have witnessed other vendors injecting fraudulent consent strings into the digital ad ecosystem. Consent strings have been assigned by the Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe, and every vendor that is part of its Transparency and Consent Framework uses one. Read More:

Teaching Your Child About Climate Change

As we struggle to improve our own climate literacy, the inundation of messaging on the topic has made it more important than ever to start the conversation about climate change and global warming with our children. Not only does this engage your child and give them ownership and accountability, but these behaviors create the perfect opportunity to reiterate the positive impact your child is already having on climate change. Read More:

Amazon and Apple are quietly building rival networks that know where everything is

Amazon’s Sidewalk, which operates on the 900MHz band typically used for amateur radio and emergency services, and Apple’s close-range, ultra-wideband positioning with the U1 are designed to get Amazon out of the home and Apple inside it. Not only is it easy to see how Amazon could market a Sidewalk Connect Kit, in which like the Alexa Connect Kit, Amazon itself handles the connectivity, maintenance and security for a fee, Rausch’s use of the word neighbours also brings to mind its currently beleaguered connected Neighbourhood Watch scheme. Read More: