Amazon acquires Sizmek advertising technology

Amazon has made the move to officially acquire Sizmek’s Ad Server, the bankrupt ad technology company in an effort to cement its advertising options and compete more effectively against Google and Facebook. For the time being, both the Sizmek Ad Server and Dynamic Creative Optimisation will continue to be operated independently from Amazon Advertising. Read More:

Does Behavioral Targeting Make Publishers More Money?

Does behavioral targeting make publishers more money? That’s a huge question with many potential ramifications, most significantly the conversations about government regulation of user tracking. There has been tremendous change in the industry over the last three years, including Safari’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention, the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation, the migration to first-price auctions, overall programmatic growth of more than 50%, the rise of header bidding, exchange bidding and countless other shifts that impact cookies, targeting and demand. Read More:

Five Points About Podcast Advertising

While about half of podcast ads are baked-in ads, dynamically inserted ads are gaining in popularity. In just one year, dynamically inserted ads’ share of the total has increased by 17%. Host-read ads remain the ad type of choice, representing 63.3% of podcast ads in 2018. Read More:

Half of Global Media Ad Spend Forecast to Be Online Next Year

Global internet advertising spend is projected to account for about half of total media advertising dollars next year – and it’s well on its way to fulfilling this projection, according to new research from WARC. The research firm analyzed media advertising spend in 96 global markets, revealing that internet advertising spend is expected to reach $298.1 billion this year and account for 47.7% of total media advertising spend. North America is ahead of the pack in its shift to digital ad spend: this year online ads will account for the majority of total advertising budgets in the region, per WARC. This includes a forecast 15.2% rise in spend in the US. The US is one of 8 markets where internet advertising has already reached a majority of media spend, per the report. Read More:

Sobering reality for news outlets: Your readers are somewhere else 99% of the time » Nieman Journalism Lab

The study, conducted for the Medill Local News Initiative, suggests that news outlets would be wise to broaden their view of their competition, and to analyze those competitors to learn more about what their own audiences want. For the study, Collinger analyzed anonymous data on visitors to each of the three news sites and then measured how much time they spent on that news site compared to the time they spent on other websites during that same month. Read More: