Privacy experts slam UK’s ‘disastrous’ failure to tackle unlawful adtech

It’s exactly such industry-led self-regulation that’s created the unlawful adtech mess in the first place, data protection experts warn. Privacy experts have responded with facepalmed outrage to yet another can-kicking exercise by the UK regulator – warning that cosmetic tweaks to adtech won’t fix a system that’s designed to feast off an unlawful and inherently insecure high velocity background trading of Internet users’ personal data. Read More:

Family meetings create connection and are an opportunity to work things out calmly.

Held regularly at a mutually agreed upon time, family meetings provide a forum for discussing triumphs, grievances, sibling disagreements, schedules, any topic of concern to a family member. I also recommend a page at the front of your Family Notebook for your Family Rules and Family Motto or even a Vision Statement. Read More:

The Secretive Company That Might End Privacy as We Know It

Clearview’s app carries extra risks because law enforcement agencies are uploading sensitive photos to the servers of a company whose ability to protect its data is untested. After the company realized I was asking officers to run my photo through the app, my face was flagged by Clearview’s systems and for a while showed no matches. Read More: