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Lack of Confidence in Data Governance Leads to Distrust in Data Insights

More than three-quarters of organizations consider data debt to be a problem in their business, with 40% saying that individuals within the business do not trust data insights. While 84% of organizations are concerned with hiring skilled professionals to strengthen their data management, such as analysts, data engineers and data scientists, the same share see at least one of these roles as being challenging to hire for, a problem that continues to be the thorn in the side of businesses. Read More: marketingcharts.com

Coronavirus Update Charts Record Unemployment Claims In The US

The number of people filing for unemployment benefits in the US hit an unprecedented high this week as the coronavirus pandemic forces people indoors, with nearly 3.3 million people filing claims around the country in numbers that dwarf that 2008 recession. Websites in various states have been crashing as more and more newly jobless people are trying to apply for unemployment benefits. Read More: buzzfeednews.com

Internal Emails Show How Chaos at the CDC Slowed the Early Response to Coronavirus

The same week the CDC sent out the email about the job openings, the agency sent Nevada officials alerts about 80 potential coronavirus patients to monitor, documents show. In mid to late February, the CDC was trying to move responsibility for coronavirus testing from itself to state health departments – a critical step, since the CDC does not have the capacity to be the nation’s testing lab. Read More: propublica.org