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Which TV Genres Gain the Biggest Ratings Bumps From Time-Shifting?

Even with all the options available to view TV content, about 1 in 10 US adults still use their DVR as their default way to view shows. Per Nielsen’s data, during the beginning of the 2018 television season, all genres of programming saw a 10% lift in viewing beyond live or same-day out to 35 days, accounting for an average of 2.7 million additional viewers. Read More:

‘Whomever owns the reader relationship will win.’

HOW AD TECH IS ADAPTING TO THE PIVOT TO PRIVACY: From the emergence of new tech solutions like Infosum touting compliant ways to share first-party data for targeting, to the search for data clean rooms that offer advertisers the data and analytics needed for granular targeting, there’s a new economy forming from the remnants of cookie targeting. Question marks remain over whether this will cause CPMs to rise given the value of consented data – now critical under the General Data Protection Regulation and the data privacy policies of the browsers. Read More:

‘Opportunity or threat? Either way, it’s staring us in the face.’

A SIMPLE QUESTION NO ONE IN AD TECH WILL ANSWER: There’s a question in ad tech that’s been surprisingly difficult to get a straight answer to lately: What happens to programmatic advertising as cookies crumble away?. So which is it? Is doomsday coming, with Google Chrome on the verge of stamping out third-party cookies completely, following in the footsteps of Firefox and Safari, as cookieless proponents want? Or will tech companies keep building workarounds and playing cat-and-mouse until they stumble into that mythical cookieless solution – thereby preserving online advertising and marketing as we know it?. Read More:

‘It’s not a holding company, its a new kind of agency – driven by tech.’

THE RUNDOWN: THE HOLDING COMPANY IS DEAD, LONG LIVE THE HOLDING COMPANY: Who’d want to be an ad agency holding company CEO right now? The current to-do list, as they attempt to transform their companies from analog to digital, includes whittling down an alphabet soup of agency acquisitions into a simplified offer that makes sense for clients. The latest entrant? Little-known French company Fimalac. Read More: