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‘Weather forecasters compared for accuracy’

WEATHER FORECAST AND WEATHER FORECAST ACCURACY FOR YOUR CITY: ForecastAdvisor will also show you the accuracy of the major weather forecasters, including Accuweather, The Weather Channel, WeatherBug, Weather Underground, CustomWeather, Foreca, and the National Weather Service. The overall accuracy percent is computed from the one- to three-day out accuracy percentages for high temperature, low temperature, icon forecast precipitation, and text forecast precipitation. Read More: forecastadvisor.com

The difference between a clear day and a cloudy day means a difference of 10-12% in orders for Clothing, Home/Furniture, and Wholesale retailers.

ACCUWEATHER REVEALS HOW WEATHER INFO DICTATES CONSUMER BEHAVIOR: What happens to the shopping experience when it rains or snows in the US? Would a flood-like situation impact online grocery sales on weekly sales in India? What would it look like for advertisers who invested millions on targeted advertising campaigns to suddenly realize it’s going to lose because of a typhoon or a hurricane? How is the consumer behavior related to weather information, and how brands need to go a step further with making all the right insights with weather data?. As the gold standard in weather forecasting, AccuWeather is the number one supplier of customized, pinpoint weather warnings to large enterprises, as well as a vital information source for worldwide weather forecasts, data and meteorological consulting services. Read More: aithority.com