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‘Thorough summary on how ad blocking works’

HOW DO AD BLOCKERS WORK? A GUIDE FOR PUBLISHERS: Many publishers believe that building their own ad platform means they don’t need to worry about ad blocking, because they aren’t using a third-party ad tag. Your revenue impact from ad blockers will depend on your traffic’s mixture of browser usage, ad block adoption rates, and type of ad blocker usage. Read More: adzerk.com

Mirror parent Reach is getting around news-blocking keyword blacklists

The Daily Mirror’s parent company Reach wants to drastically reduce how much ad inventory and revenue is blocked by lengthy keyword blacklists used by agencies to avoid brand-safety scandals but often claims news content as collateral damage. General-news publishers have hemorrhaged ad revenue as a result of lengthy keyword blacklists blocking targetable inventory for years. Read More: digiday.com

Study Finds US Consumers Balance Support For Publications And Desire To Block Ads

Many US consumers understand that free online publications are supported by advertising and would consider filtering rather than completely block ads, according to a new study by YouGov and Eyeo. Just because some consumers are willing to turn off ad blockers to enjoy your site doesn’t give you permission to do it for them, the study found. Read More: www.alistdaily.com

Ask online advertisers: ‘ally’ is a strong word

5 DETAILS ABOUT ADBLOCK PLUS YOU SHOULD KNOW: Eyeo launched the Acceptable Ads program in 2011 to codify its standards for ad usage that Adblock Plus wouldn’t block on websites that agree to cooperate and get on Eyeo’s whitelist. Adblock Plus doesn’t block tracking by default through the Acceptable Ads program. Read More: www.cnet.com